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17.04.2015 13:46 People
Expensive housing, an overloaded transport system and a lack of space are driving thousands of Londoners out of the hectic British capital to other.
22.01.2015 13:51 People
An American couple Grace Brogan and John Kamman are living in a yurt that they bought for $5000.
18.01.2015 03:57 Science, Technologies
Kazakhstan will produce equipment for smart homes.
17.06.2014 15:51 Laws, Initiatives
Kazakhstanis will have to wait for the government to solve their housing problems for their entire life.
13.01.2014 23:58 Markets
As of November 2013, price in Astana, the country’s capital city, stood at $1687 per square meter.
25.12.2013 18:18 Finance
Kairat Kelimbetov, Governor of the National Bank of Kazakhstan, believes that only rich people should obtain mortgage loans.
19.12.2013 13:37 Markets
Over 1 million square meters of housing has been commissioned in Astana this year.
01.12.2013 22:49 Politics
Lands around Astana are distributed haphazardly and their further use is not controlled. President Nazarbayev wants more order and less squatting.
28.06.2013 12:12 Emergencies
Representatives of Helios company have assured the residents whose apartments burnt down in the explosion of the petrol tank truck that the company will restore the building’s front and pay them compensations.
15.02.2013 16:55 Markets
Almaty city leads in the list of the most expensive housing in Kazakhstan.
07.02.2013 13:57 Strange News
An unusual way of heating is used by 22 apartment buildings, as well as by 20 commercial organizations.
05.02.2013 20:07 Markets
The repeating shocks in Almaty have boosted demand for real estate in Kazakhstan's capital Astana: expert.
23.01.2013 11:06 Emergencies
Around 100 residents were evacuated from the emergency-state 9-storey residential building in Priozersk town of Kazakhstan’s Karaganda oblast.
21.01.2013 19:05 Emergencies
A cracked 9-storey residential building in Priozersk of Karaganda oblast has been declared an emergency and will be demolished.
03.12.2012 19:31 Emergencies
5-storey apartment buildings constructed as part a state program a couple of years ago in Talgar town (Almaty oblast) are falling apart virtually in front of the residents' own eyes.
19.10.2012 14:40 Industry, Infrastructure
The contract was signed on October 11 between Kostanay Akim (Mayor), management of Kostanay MBI and partners from Germany.
08.08.2012 12:33 Sport
Sportsmen from Almaty who are taking part in the London Olympics can count on an apartment for any medal.
02.08.2012 10:23 Emergencies
In the nearest time we will start demolishing the unfinished buildings No.3 and 4. Buildings No.5, 6 and 7 will be demolished as well: Baurzhan Abdishev.
25.07.2012 13:10 Laws, Initiatives
Kazakhstan authorities will toughen licensing requirements and issue licenses for construction of social facilities and housing only to major companies.
24.07.2012 14:03 Emergencies
An unfinished multi-storey building in Bessoba residential complex in Karaganda has lurched to one side. It is likely to follow the 5-storey building that collapsed on April 6.
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