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Kazakhstan to produce equipment for smart homes


Photo courtesy of umnydom.com. Photo courtesy of umnydom.com.

Kazakhstan will produce the equipment for the smart homes, Tengrinews reports.

Kazakhstan will produce the equipment for the smart homes, Tengrinews reports.

A team of developers from Almaty intends to produce the equipment that will be cheaper then the foreign-made devises.

According to the start-upers, they will start developing a smart home kit from the scratch. The project's team will build their own software, make printed сircuit boards and the body itself. They have already made a prototype.

Thanks to this system, a person can control lighting, electricity, heat, water supply and ventilation. In addition, the equipment can be programmed to switch on and off after a specified period of time. The system also monitors security, for example, when a leak is detected in the absence of the home's owners, it can completely block the water supply.

The developers are certainly aware of a number of foreign producers who offer similar products, but the difference here is the price: since it is going to be produced in Kazakhstan, the prices will consequently be much cheaper and more reasonable.

"What the market offers now is very expensive. What we are making will be available to almost everyone. We have a lot of ideas that will make it possible for every home to have some interconnect smart gadgets that will control lighting, water, electricity and make the house safer, and life better as a whole," one of the developers said.

This startup project is taking part in Build Your Business competition, which is organized by Kazakh businessmen Kenes Rakishev and Vyacheslav Kim together with Sabi charity fund. The winners that will be announced in February will receive 100 thousand dollars for the development of their project. 

Reporting by Dmitriy Khegai, writing by Assel Satubaldina, editing by Tatyana Kuzmina

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