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Bessoba residential complex will be demolished: Karaganda Mayor 02 августа 2012, 10:23

In the nearest time we will start demolishing the unfinished buildings No.3 and 4. Buildings No.5, 6 and 7 will be demolished as well: Baurzhan Abdishev.
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Bessoba residential comples. Photo by Sergey Perkhalskiy© Bessoba residential comples. Photo by Sergey Perkhalskiy©
Bessoba residential complex that has been built with grievous violations will be demolished and a new set of residential buildings will be erected instead, Interfax-Kazakhstan reports citing Karaganda Akim (Mayor) Baurzhan Abdishev. The violations have already caused one finished 5-storey building to collapse into ruins and one unfinished building is threatening to follow suit shortly. “In the nearest time we will start demolishing the unfinished buildings No.3 and 4. The plan of works is ready. The money for dismantling of the buildings will be allocated from the city administration reserves. The amount is unclear as the calculations are still in process. Buildings No.5, 6 and 7 will be demolished as well,” he said at the meeting with Bessoba residents. According to Abdishev, the residents of the emergency buildings will be relocated within one month. “Such a small period is scheduled for relocation, because the plan is to start constructing new buildings immediately,” he said. “We are asking you to move out so that the construction of all the new buildings can start and finish at the same time. Those of you who have nowhere to move out to will get a temporary housing in the 14th microregion of the city. The buildings offered for relocation to have been well repaired,” Akim told the residents. He added that the site for the new contraction has to be vacated by October. “The new buildings will be constructed on stilts,” the Akim added. According to the Akim, the new complex will no longer be called Bessoba. “The complex’s name will be changed,” Abdishev said. According to him, 45 million tenge ($306 thousand) were already allocated from the budget reserve for development of the design specifications and estimations. “Our plan is to have the design estimations documents and the state inspection conclusion ready by September 15. In October we will apply to the government to get the first tranche from the state budget to start construction and installation of stilts,” Abdishev said. He noted that the new complex will have the same flow areas in the apartments as in Bessoba. The Akim also stated that distribution of housing for the residents of the collapsed half of the building No.7 will be completed by August 10. “Construction of the building on Shakhter street is close to completion. The documents will straight away be transferred to the justice authorities that will register the building,” Abdishev said. Earlier Tengrinews.kz English reported that results of investigation of reasons that caused the 5-storey building to collapse in Bessoba residential complex of Karaganda were unveiled on May 15. “Development of unacceptable foundation settlement caused by soil swelling” was tagged the main reason behind the collapse. 5-storey residential building No.7 of Bessoba residential complex, constructed 3 years ago as an equity construction project, collapsed in the morning of April 6. A criminal case was initiated against the construction companies that erected the building No.7. Besides, a criminal case for abuse of powers was initiated against chairman and members of the state commission that accepted the building in exploitation after its construction.
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