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27.04.2016 16:30 Science, Technologies
China has the youngest premium car buyers in the world, and their tech-savvy demand for connected cars is driving international automakers.
29.05.2015 14:20 Politics
Kazakhstan and Luxembourg have inked a number of bilateral treaties following the meeting of Kazakhstan’s Prime Minister Karim Massimov and Prime Minister of Luxembourg Xavier Bettel on May 21.
20.01.2015 20:43 Industry, Infrastructure
Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan have reached an agreement to construct the Trans-Eurasian Information Super Highway (TASIM) underwater segment.
05.10.2014 14:50 Gadgets
Google employees are hoping an innovative new phone application will trigger a renaissance in an increasingly unfashionable method of human communication: talking.
03.07.2014 16:18 Markets
Kazakhstan is going to launch 75 new international air routes by 2020.
30.06.2014 19:09 Politics
Kazakhstan has risen by 10 stands in the UN e-government index.
04.06.2014 10:41 Science, Technologies
KazSat-3 communications satellite assisted by a Proton-M carrier rocket has reached the designated orbital position,.
20.05.2014 15:03 Internet
Astana is hosting the international conference and exhibition ASTEX-2014 on May 19-20, 2014.
15.05.2014 16:00 Industry, Infrastructure
Construction of EXPO-2017 venues in Astana is expected to be completed by December 2016.
28.04.2014 15:51 Industry, Infrastructure
An upgraded version of Russian launch vehicle Proton-M has taken off early today from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan carrying Kazakh telecommunications satellite KazSat-3 and Russian relay satellite Luch-5V.
10.04.2014 18:40 Laws, Initiatives
New amendments to the Law On Communications allow Kazakhstan authorities to block access to networks, including the Internet, and turn off communications equipment without even needing to obtain a court ruling.
20.02.2014 22:00 Laws, Initiatives
Kazakhstan has the same dialling code as Russia, but has no intention to change it.
08.01.2014 12:11 Companies
Air Astana is considering the possibility of making the Internet available on-board its aircraft.
18.11.2013 16:42 Markets
Joining the WTO will affect the telecommunication services rates in Kazakhstan.
30.10.2013 11:19 Industry, Infrastructure
Australia's new government on Tuesday said Chinese telecoms giant Huawei will remain shut out of bidding to build Australia's national broadband network on advice from security agencies.
28.10.2013 13:40 Industry, Infrastructure
Turkey will on Tuesday unveil the world's first sea tunnel connecting two continents, fulfilling a sultan's dream 150 years ago, but also fuelling recent anti-government sentiment for such mega projects.
06.09.2013 15:52 Internet
US and British intelligence agencies have cracked the encryption that secures a wide range of online communications -- including emails, banking transactions and phone conversations.
22.08.2013 16:00 Politics
The US government spied on electronic communications between Americans with no links to terror suspects until a judge ruled it illegal in 2011.
16.08.2013 18:44 Politics
Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev is taking part in the 3rd summit of the Cooperation Council of the Turkic Speaking States.
28.06.2013 21:12 Science, Technologies
A memorandum of understanding on cooperation in informational technologies has been signed between Kazakhstan Ministry of Transport and Communications and Microsoft Kazakhstan.
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