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Kazakhstan has no intention to change +7 dialing code 20 февраля 2014, 22:00

Kazakhstan has the same dialling code as Russia, but has no intention to change it.
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©Marat Abilov ©Marat Abilov
Kazakhstan has the same dialling code as Russia, but has no intention to change it, Tengrinews reports referring to the press-service of the Ministry of Transport and Communication of Kazakhstan. "Kazakhstan and Russia use the same dialing code +7 since 1991. The United States and Canada have a similar practice, they use +1 dialing code. Meanwhile, the International Telecommunication Union will replace the single-digit national dialing code of Kazakhstan with three-digit in case the country decides to change. And the phone numbers in Kazakhstan will become 13-digit instead of 11-digit. However, there is no great need to assign a separate dialing code to Kazakhstan and there is no intention to change the code," the Transport and Communication Ministry of Kazakhstan explained. He mentioned that the Customs Union countries are considering mutually eliminating the need for roaming for cellular providers at their territory. Antimonopoly institutes of the three countries - Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus - are working on this together now. The Eurasian Economy Commission has been working on the project to eliminate the roaming starting from the middle of 2013. Besides, the Kazakhstan Ministry of Transport and Communication continues to work on lowering rates on international calls. The rates were transferred to per-second billing from 10-second billion starting from January 1, 2014 enabling Kazakhstan to fully transit to omnidirectional per-second billing for all communication users. It is expected that users will save 10-17% of their phone expenses.

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