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EXPO-2017 venues to be ready by December 2016 15 мая 2014, 16:00

Construction of EXPO-2017 venues in Astana is expected to be completed by December 2016.
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 ©Turar Kazangapov ©Turar Kazangapov

Construction of EXPO-2017 venues in Astana is expected to be completed by December 2016, Tengrinews reports referring to Kanagat Tlemisov, Adviser to the CEO of Astana EXPO-2017 National Company. 

On May 14 2014, the Central Communication Service for President of Kazakhstan has held a media briefing on construction of the exhibition pavilion Astana EXPO-2017 with the participation of Adviser of CEO of Astana EXPO-2017 Kanagat Tlemisov and director of the department of architecture Kanat Mukashev.

At the May 14 media briefing on construction of the EXPO-2017 pavilion in Astana, Kanagat Tlemisov announced that all the construction works would be finished by December 31, 2016, and starting from January 2017 participants of the international exhibition would be able to begin erecting their pavilions.

In April 2014, President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev gave a start to construction of the EXPO-2017 exhibition's main venue. Preparatory works are now in progress: removal of trees, fencing of the construction site, extension of utilities networks to the construction site and obtaining approvals.

In July first underpinning piles will be installed and concreted, and then the other construction works will commence.

The EXPO's main venue is constructed along the project of American company Adrian Smith+Gordon Gill Architecture that was selected out of 49 projects of architecture companies from more than 20 countries in October 2013. The new building is shaped as a semi-sphere of more than 80 meters in diameter. 

The 174-hectare complex will be located between main streets of Astana: Kabanbai batyr avenue, Orynbor street, Hussein bin Talal and Turar Ryskulov streets, not far from Nazarbayev University. It will consist of a 25-hectare exhibition area, and the remaining area will be used to create the required infrastructure, including comfortable residential area, hotels, fitness centers, shops, schools.

Since the main theme of the EXPO-2017 exhibition is Future Energy, all EXPO facilities will be based on sustainable development principles and advanced green technologies.

The EXPO-2017 is expected to have a considerable effect on Kazakhstan's economy and public sector. A total of around 20 000 jobs releated to the exhibition project will be created before, during and after the EXPO-2017. Besides getting new venues, the capital of Kazakhstan, Astana, will witness other large-scale developments. For example, the capacity of the Astana Airport will be expanded, new railway station will be build, Bus Rapid Transport system will be launched and many other things will be done to get the city ready.

Hosting the EXPO-2017 would cost Kazakhstan around $1.5 billion. A special national company Astana EXPO-2017 was established to manage the preparation and holding of the global exhibition in Astana.

Astana won the right to host the EXPO-2017 on November 22, 2012. During the anonymous voting of the International Exhibitions Bureau in Paris, Kazakhstan's Astana received 103 votes and Belgian ‪Liège‬, Astana's main competitor, had only 44 votes.

The fair will be held from June 10 to September 10, 2017.

Reporting by Assel Satayeva, writing by Assel Satubaldina, editing by Tatyana Kuzmina

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