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08.07.2015 16:29 Strange News
Why were two men walking young white lions in broad daylight in Kazakhstan's Ust-Kamenogorsk?
30.03.2015 21:54 Art, Books
Kazakhstani trapeze artists Andrey and Aliya Kanakhin have won the second place at the 4th International Festival del Circ Ciutat de Figueres in Spanish Figueras.
10.09.2014 23:33 People
Sergey Nazarov from Kazakhstan experienced it all from ups and downs, grand performances in front of thousands of people to finding his significant other during his career at Cirque du Soleil.
23.07.2014 16:15 Entertainment, Style
An illusionist from Kazakhstan has refined the famous Harry Houdini Suspended Strait Jacket Escape.
09.07.2014 10:48 Entertainment, Style
International Circus Festival Echo of Asia was taking place in Astana, Kazakhstan from 1 to 8 July.
11.06.2014 20:26 Strange News
About 1,000 clowns, jugglers and animal trainers marched Tuesday against Mexico City's pending ban on circus animals.
22.05.2014 19:15 Strange News
A crocodile was injured in Russia when an accountant weighing 120 kilogrammes (260 pounds) fell on him during a bus trip through the arctic north, local media reported.
05.05.2014 12:58 Emergencies
Nine acrobats were seriously injured Sunday when a platform collapsed during an aerial hair-hanging act during a circus performance filmed by spectators in Rhode Island.
14.10.2013 21:48 Entertainment, Style
Elephants walk Almaty first time in 23 years
14.10.2013 11:33 Entertainment, Style
Elephants, kangaroos, ponies and camels are march along the central streets in Almaty today.
13.09.2013 14:00 Entertainment, Style
The 2nd International Circus Festival will be held in Almaty within the frame of City's Day celebration.
18.07.2013 15:57 Entertainment, Style
Kazakhstan's circus artist Anna Demidova has won gold at the VI International Circus Festival Echo of Asia held in Astana, Kazakhstan.
18.07.2013 15:51 Entertainment, Style
An international circus festival called Echo of Asia was held in Astana as part of the celebrations timed to Astana Day.
02.06.2013 16:48 Entertainment, Style
Up on a brightly lit Moscow stage a clown loudly welcomes the stars of today's show -- 20 highly trained cats.
11.01.2013 17:06 Entertainment, Style
Astana circus artists demonstrated a 5-minute long event that impressed both the audience and the jury of the Enschede Circus Festival.
31.08.2012 14:02 Entertainment, Style
Murat Muturganov, Deputy Director for Creative Development of Kazakh State Circus, gave an interview to
17.07.2012 14:04 Entertainment, Style
Canadian man and his German girlfriend are braving the Taliban to take a rickshaw on one of the world's most dangerous road trips to bring the circus to children in Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan.
27.06.2012 16:40 Entertainment, Style
Well-known Kazakhstan clown Murat Muturganov who has been appointed Deputy Director of Kazakh State Circus shared his plans and projects.
23.06.2012 11:07 Entertainment, Style
The performance of Cirque du Soleil to be shown to Astana citizens and guests will consists of several parts and will last for 60 minutes.
18.06.2012 16:53 Entertainment, Style
Astana Akim (Mayor) has fully scuttled the gossips about the "privileged guests" of the Cirque du Soleil performance in Kazakhstan.
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