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07.04.2016 17:34 Sport
Kazakhstan’s national chess team has become third at the classical chess Asia Nations Cup 2016.
22.06.2015 13:20 Sport
An 87-year-old Hungarian woman aims this weekend to set a world record by beating 1920s Cuban chess grandmaster Jose Raul Capablanca at his own game: simultaneous play.
09.06.2015 15:23 Sport
Children's team from Kazakhstan won 8 medals and the 4th place in the general ranking at the world chess championship in Singapore.
29.05.2015 02:13 Sport
9-year-old WCM from Kazakhstan Amina Kairbekova has won a gold medal in U9 category of the FIDE World Schools Championship held in Thailand.
26.03.2015 02:43 Sport
15 y.o. Kazakhstani chess player Zhansaya Abdulmalik has successfully competed at the International Reykjavik Open 2015 completing the unrestricted International Master.
06.02.2015 02:43 Sport
Lack of financing has made the Kazakhstani Chess Federation temporarily suspend all its activities.
19.01.2015 22:01 Sport
15-year-old Kazakhstan’s prodigy Zhansaya Abdumalik got the best result among women at the 14th International Chess Festival Prague Open 2015.
24.11.2014 12:44 Entertainment, Style
Norwegian prodigy Magnus Carlsen retained his title as World Chess Champion.
02.10.2014 14:39 Sport
Kazakhstani grand master Dinara Saduakassova has won the 2014 World Youth Chess Championship in South Africa.
20.08.2014 20:41 Sport
Little Kazakhstani Miss Bibissara Assaubayeva, 10, has won the 13th Dubai Juniors Chess Championship 2014.
18.08.2014 15:50 Sport
Kazakhstani women’s chess team is ranked 6th in the overall rating of the Chess Olympiad in Norwegian Tromso.
14.08.2014 15:50 Sport
Kazakhstan’s women chess team won over France in the 10th round of the World Chess Olympiad held in Norwegian Tromso.
13.08.2014 11:51 Sport
Kazakhstan’s women chess team has won the chess players from Iran in the 9th round of the Chess Olympiad in Norwegian Tromso.
05.08.2014 10:59 Sport
Kazakhstani chess players had a good start at the Chess Olympiad in Norway.
04.08.2014 21:04 Sport
Kazakhstan Men's chess team has defeated the Swedish team in the second round of the World Chess Olympiad in Tromso, Norway.
14.07.2014 16:45 People
14-year-old WGM Zhansaya Abdumalik from Kazakhstan has been awarded the title of the 2013 Best Girl Under-20 Player of the Year at 1st Annual Asian Chess Excellence Awards.
22.04.2014 13:53 Sport
Kazakhstani chess princess Zhansaya Abdumalik has won the third place at the Asian Continental Chess Championship Open in the UAE.
09.02.2014 19:01 Sport
Young chess player Zhansaya Abdumalik from Kazakhstan has advanced to the 89th line in the ranking of the World Chess Federation.
13.01.2014 17:06 Sport
Famous Russian chess grandmaster Anatoly Karpov has lost one game to Zhansaya Abdumalik, the world's second youngest female grandmaster from Kazakhstan.
26.11.2013 11:52 Sport
13-year-old Zhansaya Abdumalik from Kazakhstan has won the Men’s International Chess Tournament Brno Open 2013 in the Czech Tour Series.
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