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09.03.2015 12:17 People
Prosecutor General's Office suggests a database as a solution for adoption related issues and crimes.
15.09.2014 22:30 People
66 Kazakhstani children have been adopted by foreigners since last year.
23.03.2014 17:31 People
International adoption is the only chance for many sick Kazakhstani orphans, believes a philanthropist and the director oа Compassion charity foundation Aruzhan Sain.
28.02.2014 18:53 People
The Ministry of Education and Science responds to the Prosecutor Generals’ inquiry concerning Kazakhstani children adopted to Kenya and South Africa.
27.02.2014 13:59 People
36 Kazakhstani orphans were adopted by South African and Kenyan nationals.
23.02.2014 18:55 People
The whereabouts of almost 700 Kazakhstanis adopted by foreign parents are unknown.
22.02.2014 13:01 People
Kazakhstani orphans are falsely diagnosed with heavy illnesses to be later adopted by foreigners while childless Kazakhstanis continue to wait for their chance of adoption.
19.01.2014 13:18 Unrest
Two-year-old Mercia clung unsteadily to Pierrette's dress, a potential candidate for adoption in the orphanage run by the elderly lady as clashes wracked the Central African Republic's capital.
26.09.2013 17:29 Crime
They are working on receiving American citizenship and have no plans to come back to Kazakhstan: Foreign Ministry.
24.09.2013 21:37 People
The one-time payment for child adoption in Kazakhstan will make $850 starting from 2015.
24.09.2013 20:37 Crime
Worcester Superior Court has sentenced the Northbridge couple convicted of raping their children adopted from Kazakhstan to nearly 20 years each in jail.
23.09.2013 22:49 People
Kazakhstan officials and US Department of State have met to discuss adoption.
19.09.2013 22:11 People
The Kazakhstan Foreign Ministry and the U.S. Department of State will discuss adoption of Kazakhstan children.
15.09.2013 14:20 Politics
Chairwoman of the Committee for Protection of Children Raisa Sher said that the children adopted from Kazakhstan who are among the victims of the American re-homing networks may be returned to Kazakhstan.
12.09.2013 15:12 Crime
Kazakhstan authorities promise to deal with the cases of Kazakhstan orphans being traded abroad.
12.09.2013 14:29 Crime
Around 30% of the adopted children traded through the network are Americans while the rest of them are from foreign countries including Kazakhstan.
06.09.2013 17:48 Laws, Initiatives
Kazakhstan Senator Svetlana Dzhalmagambetova opposes the ban of foreign adoption of Kazakhstan children.
07.08.2013 14:03 Crime
Linda Mayotte accused of raping a minor teen adopted from Kazakhstan testified that he was choking her when she refused to submit to his sexual demands.
05.08.2013 10:43 Politics
Kazakhstan Senate deputy Gani Kassymov has suggested to return all the children adopted by foreign citizens back to Kazakhstan.
02.08.2013 15:15 Crime
The adoption order on the former orphans from Kazakhstan who are testifying in the U.S. against their adoptive parents was issued by Petropavlovsk court in 2004.
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