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Children Protection Committee unveils adoption statistic in Kazakhstan


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66 Kazakhstani children have been adopted by foreigners since last year, Tengrinews reports citing the Children Protection Committee.

66 Kazakhstani children have been adopted by foreigners since last year, Tengrinews reports citing the Children Protection Committee.

“Citizens of Spain, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Canada and Switzerland have adopted 66 Kazakhstani children since 2013,” the Committee reported.

Meanwhile, there is no information on Kazakhstanis adopting children from abroad. According to the Committee, Kazakhstani citizens annually adopt around 3 thousand children. 1151 children have been adopted since the beginning of this year. During the same period last year, 1309 children were adopted.

Overall, 2.5 thousand applications for adoption have been filed by Kazakhstanis this year. The Committee explained that Kazakhstani parents-to-be usually want to adopt a healthy child of a particular gender and ethnicity who would potentially look like the adoptive parents. In addition, Kazakhstanis mostly want to adopt children that are over 1 y.o. “Only 10% of the potential adoptive families want to adopt a child over 6 y.o. The statistics shows that boys from 0 to 3 y.o. are adopted more often,” the Committee said.

“Adoptive parents have different occupations. They are engineers, teachers, doctors, businessmen, economists, accountants and etc. The average age of the adoptive parents is 35-45 years,” the Committee added.

The process of adoption, according to the the Children Protection Committee, has been significantly simplified. The prospective adoptive parents have to file an application to the local adoption authorities with a full dossier including identity documents, documents on martial status, health, proof of criminal background check, consent from relatives for adoption, housing availability and a financial statement. The adoption authorities will approve the family for adoption if their living conditions and all the other parameters meet the requirements. After choosing a child, the future adoptive parents are required to spend two weeks communicating with the child. The documents for adoption are filed only after a bond between the child and the family has been established. The final decision is delivered by the court.

Tengrinews has reported on several cases of illegal adoption of children in Kazakhstan. In response, the Committee said that the reason behind the increasing number of illegal adoptions in Kazakhstan is financial difficulties and unwanted or extramarital pregnancy. According to the Children Protection Committee, in the first 7 month of the year there were 20 criminal cases connected with illegal adoption.

Not all adoption cases end with a happily ever after motif, as annually around 10-15 children are returned to orphanages due to illnesses that were not determined before the adoption or difficult adaptation period for parents and children alike.

Reporting by Aidana Ussupova, Writing by Gyuzel Kamalova

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