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22.04.2015 17:41 Health
The Ten thousandth child has been born via in vitro fertilisation (IVF) in Kazakhstan.
01.04.2015 01:00 Health
The Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development has decided to take one of the biggest social problems - obesity among children - in Kazakhstan under a strict control.
06.10.2014 18:30 Politics
A Member of the Kazakhstan Parliament demanded to urgently ban methadone from being used in Kazakhstan.
26.09.2014 15:49 Health
The Prosecutor General’s Office reported higher level of suicides among village teens in comparison to their city peers.
18.08.2014 20:28 Health
Over 2 thousand people require organ transplantation in Kazakhstan.
28.07.2014 20:14 Health
Every second Kazakhstani takes medicine without doctor’s prescription.
20.04.2014 18:32 Health
Kazakhstan has topped Central Asia by breast cancer rates.
04.04.2014 22:49 Politics
Forming of the new Cabinet of Minister has been completed in Kazakhstan.
24.03.2014 14:24 Health
7 thousands tests have been made in Kalachi village in Akmola Oblast over the past year.
20.03.2014 15:32 Health
While the team or doctors and scientist is working in Kalachi village to determine what is causing the mysterious sleep syndrome, one more patient has fallen asleep.
09.02.2014 20:21 Science, Technologies
Mayor of Almaty Akhmetzhan Yesimov has vocally disapproved of the new infectious diseases laboratory being constructed by the United States.
01.01.2014 18:40 Entertainment, Style
Countries all over the world have celebrated the New Year 2014 with spectacular fireworks and laser shows.
01.01.2014 18:01 Health
Over 80 Kazakhstan nationals received medical treatment abroad at the expense of the Healthcare Ministry of Kazakhstan in 2013.
04.11.2013 21:00 Health
Kazakhstan Minister of Health Salidat Kairbekova updated President Nursultan Nazarbayev on the progress of Salamatty Kazakhstan program.
25.07.2013 11:59 Politics
Methadone was not mentioned in the letter of the former US Ambassador to Kazakhstan Richard Hoagland to Kazakhstan Healthcare Minister Salidat Kairbekova: US Embassy.
23.07.2013 15:22 Health
Former U.S. Ambassador to Kazakhstan sent a letter to Kazakhstan Healthcare Minister insistently recommending her to continue the methadone program in Kazakhstan.
23.01.2013 19:23 Health
The cost for treatment will be raised in Kazakhstan hospitals to the level of foreign medical facilities.
15.10.2012 13:15 Health
It is very important to unite all medical diagnostic centers into one Association and to create a common Internet-space that would serve as a common system of electronic diagnostics: Baizhunussov.
25.06.2012 11:42 Health
There should be an agreement between law-enforcement authorities and Healthcare Ministry to make preventive work by authorities and doctors more efficient: expert.
29.02.2012 10:22 Laws, Initiatives
Minster of Healthcare is going to make Kazakhstan citizens to take care of their own health.
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