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7 thousand tests cannot explain sleep syndrome 24 марта 2014, 14:24

7 thousands tests have been made in Kalachi village in Akmola Oblast over the past year.
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Photo a courtesy of  rodnik-cmw.ru Photo a courtesy of rodnik-cmw.ru
7 thousands tests have been made in Kalachi village in Akmola Oblast over the past year, Tengrinews reports citing the Ministry of Health Care of Kazakhstan. “7 thousand tests of the possible causes of the encephalopathy have been made since March 2013. We have ruled out infectious and bacterial diseases. Gamma-background of the village is within the normal range. No increase in salts or heavy metals concentrations has been detected,” the report said. The investigation of the Kalachi case continues. Bive-Ministers from several Ministries have been put in charge of the research. The team is been responsible for making a comprehensive ecological research and analysis with the use of instrumental methods. Earlier, the team of Kazakhstani researchers announced their preliminary findings. They concluded that the sleep syndrome was not a transmittable disease. First cases of the syndrome were reported in March and April of 2013. All in all, there have been more than 30 people admitted to a local hospital with similar symptoms of fatigue, drowsiness, lack of coordination and memory loss. The reason for the mysterious sleep syndrome has not ben found yet.
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