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Costs of Kazakhstan medical services will be made equal to those of foreign hospitals 23 января 2013, 19:23

The cost for treatment will be raised in Kazakhstan hospitals to the level of foreign medical facilities.
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Photo by Danial Okassov© Photo by Danial Okassov©
The rates for treatment will be raised in Kazakhstan hospitals to the level of foreign medical facilities, Tengrinews.kz reports citing the press-service of Kazakhstan Healthcare Ministry. “Kazakhstan hospitals currently have a sufficient potential for rendering a range of highly technological services. Contacts with leasing foreign hospitals and doctors have been established and they are ready to come to Kazakhstan to perform complicated surgeries, which also allows increases the potential of Kazakhstan’s medical personnel. "In this relation, the decision was made by the Commission of Kazakhstan Healthcare Ministry to stimulate Kazakhstan hospitals by raising the fees for treatment of patients whose condition requires treatment abroad. The fees for treatment in local hospitals will be made equaled to the international rates, making it possible to bring foreign experts for treatment of patients. The required amendments have already been made into the existing legislative acts,” the press-service writes. Development of Kazakhstan’s medicine has already shortened the list of diseases that require sending the patients abroad for treatment. Implementation of advanced technologies have made it possible to decrease the number of such patients and treat them in Kazakhstan instead. According to the Healthcare Ministry, 678.5 million tenge ($4.5 million) were allocated from the state budget last year to send 55 patients, including 34 children (61 percent) for treatment abroad. 30 of them (54.4 percent) were sent for transplantation of organs and tissues, including transplantation of bone marrow (24 patients), kidney (4 patients) and liver (3 patients). The remaining 25 patients were sent for treatment of oncological diseases, cardiac surgeries and neurosurgeries, as well as for treatment of other diseases. There are currently 161 patients on the list for treatment abroad. 133 of them (86.6 percent) are awaiting organs transplantation. Around 1 billion tenge ($6.7 million) has been allocated from the budget for treatment abroad this year. Ministry also took several steps to shorten the list for treatment abroad: tele-medical consultations with foreign medical organizations have been organized in the National Scientific Medical Center. In case such foreign medical organization agrees to treat a certain patient and provides a confirmation, Kazakhstan requests the treatment program and calculation of costs. After that a foreign medical facility is being selected and the Commission reviews the treatment costs and makes a conclusion based on costs in at least 2 foreign hospitals. Sending patients for transplantation of organs and tissues does not depend on the available financing, but on availability of suitable donors. Search for a donor usually takes from 6 months to 2-3 years. “Earlier the patient on the list was sent for transplantation only after completion of all the transplantation-related procedures of the previous patient. But the Ministry has taken steps that allowi all the patients on the list to almost simultaneously be sent for the first stage of the treatment that involves a medical check and a donor search. When the donor is found, the patient will be sent for the second stage: transplantation of organs or tissues,” the message states. Surgeries on 99 patients were performed in Kazakhstan’s hospitals last year, including 50 kidney transplantations, 1 heart transplantation, 22 transplantations of bone marrow to adults and 8 transplantations of bone marrow to children. 12 children received treatment in Kazakhstan with participation of foreign doctors. Over 1,500 open heart surgeries were made, including 87 unique surgeries and 49 surgeries on implantation of the left ventricle auxiliary device.

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