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07.04.2016 17:34 Sport
Kazakhstan’s national chess team has become third at the classical chess Asia Nations Cup 2016.
09.12.2015 18:21 Politics
Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates face regional divisions, but will struggle to find common ground.
25.11.2015 15:57 Military
According to Kazakhstan’s political scientist and Director of Kazakhstani Institute of Strategic Studies Yerlan Karin, Russian plane shot down by Turkey is a point of no return in the Syrian crisis.
17.10.2015 16:44 Military
Kazakhstan’s experts have commented on the air strikes made by Russian forces on Wednesday targeting the militants of the so-called Islamic State.
05.10.2015 16:33 Politics
The second round of Syrian talks that kicked off in Kazakhstan's capital Astana on October 2 has ended with a joint declaration.
02.10.2015 21:00 Politics
The Syrian crisis can only be solved through peaceful ways, Kazakhstan’s Foreign Affairs Minister Yerlan Idrissov said at the General Policy Debates at the UN headquarters in New York.
25.09.2015 19:55 Politics
Kazakhstan is ready to accept refugees from Middle Eastern countries.
13.06.2015 15:44 Unrest
Burundi's opposition late Friday slammed the election commission for steering the country towards a controversial presidential vote next month.
02.06.2015 17:12 Politics
Kazakhstan’s Foreign Minister has spoken about the Syrian talks held last week in Astana. The talks ended with signing of a joint declaration.
02.06.2015 16:42 Politics
Syrian opposition groups would like to have another round of consultations in Astana.
31.05.2015 00:58 Politics
Syrian opposition groups have signed a joint document after Syrian talks in Astana.
25.05.2015 19:20 Politics
Syrian talks have kicked off in Kazakhstan’s capital Astana.
07.04.2015 13:40 Politics
President Obama said he would continue to work with US partners to address Iran's "destabilizing activities" in the Middle Eastю
19.02.2015 01:00 Politics
President of Kazakhstan has met with the Secretary of the Security Council of Russia Nikolay Patrushev.
06.02.2015 16:27 Politics
UN chief Ban Ki-moon is seeking to boost the UN force in the Central African Republic by 1,030 peacekeepers as the country prepares for elections.
25.10.2014 11:57 People
Former world 800-metre champion Mbulaeni Mulaudzi died Friday aged 34 in a car crash on his way to a Johannesburg athletics meeting.
05.09.2014 17:12 Finance
Head of Kazakhstan National Bank Kairat Kelimbetov spoke about the stages of development of Islamic finance in Kazakhstan.
01.09.2014 17:58 Military
At least 16 Kazakhstanis are know to have joined the extremist militants of the Islamic State of Iraq.
01.08.2014 20:10 Religion
Kazakhstanis are highly recommended to postpone Hajjs to Saudi Arabia amid a deadly virus outbreak.
24.12.2013 11:15 Cinema, Music
Three times a day dozens of men pack the auditorium, the air heavy with hashish smoke, to watch graphic sex movies: welcome to the Shama -- a pornographic cinema in Pakistan's Taliban heartland.
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