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16 Kazakhstanis join militants of Islamic State of Iraq 01 сентября 2014, 17:58

At least 16 Kazakhstanis are know to have joined the extremist militants of the Islamic State of Iraq.
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Snapshot from the video Snapshot from the video

At least 16 Kazakhstanis are known to have joined the extremist militants of the Islamic State of Iraq, Tengrinews reports citing KTK channel.

A video in which the militants demonstrate their weapons and talk about their goals appeared on the Internet. The militants were armed with rifles and machine guns of of slightly outdated modifications, anti-aircraft guns mounted on a civilian truck, and had the flag of Syria were behind them. A guy named Abu Anisa talked in Kazakh about his intentions. As the channel reports, even without any specific examination his words could clearly be interpreted as calls to religious extremism.

After making the video, the militants went from Syria to Iraq, where the war is waged for establishment of the Islamic caliphate. The description of the video said that two of the militants had already died in the fighting, the fate of the others is still unknown.

Kazakhstan's security officials are examining the video. "We identifying the details of the video's making as well as those who participated in it. The video incites religious hatred, so the examination is a mandatory stage. And We highly recommend everyone to abstain from posting or retransmitting the video," the National Security Committee told to Tengrinews.

According to reports, more than 100 Kazakh nationals left Kazakhstan to participate in the military actions in the Middle East this summer.

Writing by Assel Satubaldina, editing by Tatyana Kuzmina

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