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Qaeda posts video of two 9/11 hijackers Al-Qaeda on Thursday posted an online video of two plane hijackers of the September 11, 2001 suicide attacks, which they said were part of a war to drive US forces out of the Arabian Peninsula.
14 сентября 2012
Photo courtesy of US to take back seat in changing world order: think-tank A series of political transitions led by the Arab Spring uprisings are shifting the balance of world power with the United States set to play a less dominant role.
14 сентября 2012
US must stand by Arab Spring nations: experts The Obama administration must stay the course in Arab Spring countries and help them thwart rising militancy, even as the deaths of four diplomats grimly highlighted the dangers lurking in the young democracies.
14 сентября 2012
Controversial Florida pastor Terry Jones. ©REUTERS/Rebecca Cook Film not intended to insult Muslims: US pastor The film which has triggered deadly protests in the Middle East over its portrayal of the Islamic faith is not intended to insult Muslims.
13 сентября 2012
<i>Innocence of Muslims</i>. Photo courtesy of Mystery over filmmakers behind anti-Islam movie Mystery remained Wednesday over exactly who was behind the anti-Islam film which sparked deadly protests in the Middle East, amid conflicting claims of Jewish or Coptic Christian involvement.
13 сентября 2012
Swiss lab to analyse Arafat remains for poisoning: hospital A Swiss radiology lab said on Friday it has received the go-ahead from the widow of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat to test his remains for poisoning by polonium, a highly radioactive element.
26 августа 2012
Oil strikes two-year high; soya scores record high Oil prices hit two-month highs this week, driven by Federal Reserve stimulus hopes and Middle East unrest, while soyabeans soared to a record high as US supplies were hit by drought.
22 июля 2012
Romney, Obama clash over Chavez threat Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney on Wednesday clashed with President Barack Obama over how serious a security threat Iranian ally Venezuela poses to the US.
13 июля 2012
Christian pastor Youcef Nadarkhani. Photo courtesy of US calls on Iran to release Christian pastor The United States on Monday called on Iran to release Christian pastor Youcef Nadarkhani, who was imprisoned in 2009 and condemned to death for converting from Islam to Christianity.
10 июля 2012
©RIA NOVOSTI U.S. "want to own" Central Asian special forces: media U.S., same as Russia, are interested in retaining authoritarian, but secular political regimes in the region.
01 марта 2012
Hussein bin Talal, the King of Jordan. ©RIA Novosti Street in Astana will be named after King of Jordan One of Astana's streets will be named after Hussein bin Talal, farther of the current King of Jordan.
01 февраля 2012
Abu Dher al-Barmi (AKA Abu Dher Azzam). Screenshot from Uzbekistan Islamists asked Pakistan to give asylum to foreign extremists Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan uploaded a video where they are convincing Pakistanis of Vaziristan to continue giving asylum to foreign extremists.
24 ноября 2011
Photo courtesy of SalamWorld Islamic network to be launched in 2012 in 8 languages Global Islamic social network called SalamWorld with interface in 8 languages will be launched in April 2012.
20 ноября 2011
Photo from The flood-tolerant rice to be grown in Bangladesh It was developed by the University of California and the International Rice Research Center in the Philippines. Other crops are under research.
23 октября 2011

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