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06.08.2014 17:14 Politics
President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev declared a government reorganization during today’s expanded cabinet meeting.
29.07.2014 18:26 Politics
New deputy finance minister has been appointed in Kazakhstan.
27.07.2014 17:43 Laws, Initiatives
A nationwide anti-corruption movement Zhanaru was initiated in Kazakhstan in the beginning of this year.
16.07.2014 10:45 Companies
The Indian government has announced a new penalty of $579 million on the country's largest private company, Reliance Industries, for failing to meet commitments to supply gas for the fourth year in a row.
16.07.2014 01:26 Laws, Initiatives
The Concept of modernization of Kazakhstan’s pension system until 2030 has been approved.
15.07.2014 11:14 Politics
Britain's William Hague announced his surprise resignation as foreign secretary, as Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron overhauled his government to set the battle-lines for elections next year.
10.07.2014 23:31 Strange News
More than one million public sector workers went on strike in Britain Thursday over pay and spending cuts by the government imposed as part of its austerity programme, trade unions said.
06.07.2014 10:57 Politics
Several high profile personnel changes have been announced on Friday in Kazakhstan.
05.07.2014 09:32 Politics
Senegal's president sacked Prime Minister Aminata Toure, who has only been in power since September, less than a week after her ruling party was beaten in local elections.
30.06.2014 19:09 Politics
Kazakhstan has risen by 10 stands in the UN e-government index.
29.06.2014 12:24 Industry, Infrastructure
Kazakhstan and the USA agreed to deepen cooperation in energy and nuclear safety.
22.06.2014 13:54 Politics
Kazakhstan's government answered an official inquiry of Ak Zhol political party by stating that a set of de-offshoring measures was being developed.
16.06.2014 12:49 Markets
The Government of Kazakhstan will subsidize 50% of expenses to stimulate remote households to install renewable energy sources-based generators.
14.06.2014 13:02 Unrest
Police used pepper spray to scatter protesters at Hong Kong's government headquarters in an angry rally against plans for a new town development, with 21 arrested, officials said.
03.06.2014 09:55 Politics
World governments should not rush to approve the new Palestinian cabinet, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday, after the Palestinians accused the Jewish state of punishing them over a unity deal.
27.05.2014 11:16 Emergencies
Mexico's government presented on Monday 125 new homes to residents of a southwestern mountain village that was buried by a massive landslide that killed 71 people last year.
26.05.2014 10:17 Companies
Three of the world's biggest miners have warned that government taxes, high costs and a strong currency are putting pressure on their Australian operations, reports said Monday, as they battle falling commodity prices owing to a supply glut.
23.05.2014 21:07 Laws, Initiatives
Omarkhan Oksikbayev, Member of the Lower Chamber of the Kazakhstan Parliamentб doubts success of the forthcoming legalization of property in Kazakhstan.
23.05.2014 10:55 Unrest
One man died and about 10 others were injured in Istanbul during violent clashes between police and protesters Thursday, officials said, in the latest eruption of anger against the Turkish government.
14.05.2014 15:52 Politics
Abdiraiym Bakytzhan has been appointed Deputy Minister of Justice of Kazakhstan.
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