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15.01.2014 11:07 Industry, Infrastructure
Foreign supermarket giants faced being shut out of the Indian capital after Delhi's new state government decided not grant them a licence to operate.
14.01.2014 18:11 Finance
Negotiators from the US Senate and House of Representatives unveiled a $1 trillion spending bill late Monday, eliminating the threat of another government shutdown, at least until October.
14.01.2014 14:35 Crime
Mexico's government urged vigilantes on Monday to quit their growing armed struggle against a drug cartel and go home, saying federal forces will handle security in their embattled western towns.
09.01.2014 16:19 Politics
Russia on Wednesday blocked a British-drafted UN Security Council statement condemning the Syrian government attacks on the city of Aleppo, diplomats said.
06.01.2014 11:22 Unrest
Bangladesh stared into the political abyss Monday after the ruling Awami League romped to victory in a blood-soaked election which was dismissed as a farce by the opposition.
06.01.2014 10:29 Finance
British finance minister George Osborne will warn that 2014 is to be the year of "hard truths" and public spending cuts when he sets out his plans for the year ahead.
05.01.2014 14:41 Unrest
Cambodian authorities Saturday dispersed opposition protesters from their rally base in the capital and halted further protests against the kingdom's strongman premier, a day after police launched a deadly crackdown on striking garment workers.
03.01.2014 23:07 Politics
India's Prime Minister Manmohan Singh announced Friday that he will step down after elections this year and said reluctant political scion Rahul Gandhi should take his place if the ruling Congress party wins an unlikely third term.
03.01.2014 14:05 Politics
Panama's president warned Thursday he would visit Europe to force a consortium to drop a threat to suspend expansion work on the Panama Canal, as a row over a $1.6 billion cost overrun escalated.
31.12.2013 19:34 Politics
Nurzhan Kalenderov has been appointed the new Akim (Mayor) of Taraz city in southern Kazakhstan.
30.12.2013 16:12 Markets
Bailed-out Greece is hoping to return to bond markets in the second half of 2014 -- but only if growth and a primary budget surplus permits, its finance minister said Sunday.
30.12.2013 14:21 Laws, Initiatives
Tens of thousands of Roman Catholics joined in an open-air mass in central Madrid on Sunday to celebrate the Holy Family, just days after the Spanish government agreed to tighten the abortion law.
28.12.2013 11:37 Unrest
The first UN peacekeeping reinforcements arrived Friday in South Sudan, where the government is said to have agreed an immediate ceasefire after nearly two weeks of heavy fighting with rebels.
27.12.2013 18:17 Politics
Thailand said Friday that it would ask the army to provide security for February elections after violent clashes between police and opposition protesters left two people dead and more than 150 wounded.
21.12.2013 12:30 Industry, Infrastructure
Waratah Coal on Saturday welcomed the Australian government's approval of its $6.4 billion (US$5.7 billion) Galilee coal project, as conservationists warned the decision threatened the environment.
16.12.2013 13:56 Finance
Kazakhstan’s accession into the WTO is not going to affect the level of state support to agriculture: Vice-Minister of Agriculture.
13.12.2013 14:52 People
The South African government admitted Thursday it made a "mistake" in choosing a sign language interpreter for Nelson Mandela's memorial who was later exposed as a fake by experts, and who claimed to be schizophrenic.
10.12.2013 10:52 Environment
Environmentalists hailed Monday a Chinese government ban on serving shark's fin, bird's nest soup and other wild animal products at official functions, saying it will set a precedent that will help protect endangered species.
09.12.2013 11:01 Unrest
Pro-EU Ukrainian protesters on Sunday toppled a statue of the Soviet Union's founder Vladimir Lenin in Kiev after hundreds of thousands massed for a new protest in an increasingly tense standoff with President Viktor Yanukovych's government.
05.12.2013 17:10 Politics
The government of Ukraine does not rule out discussing snap elections with the opposition, a high-ranking official said ahead of a meeting of top European diplomats in Kiev Thursday.
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