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13.10.2011 16:40 People
Maksut Zhumayev is the only one of all the prominent Kazakhstan alpinists who doesn’t have any state awards: Deputy.
08.09.2011 15:51 Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan alpinist Maksut Zhumayev told the breath-taking details of the last days of the expedition to K2.
06.09.2011 13:12 Sport
International team of alpinists who ascended the morthern face of K2 mount on August 23 arrived in Almaty.
01.09.2011 12:05 Sport
International expedition that ascended K2 on August 23 will arrive in Almaty on September 2 at 8:30 p.m. local time.
24.08.2011 15:35 Sport
Participants of the international expedition to K2 successfully went down to the fourth camp at 8,000 meters.
24.08.2011 12:52 Sport
Kazakhstan Prime-Minister congratulated participants of the international expedition on the successful ascent to K2 (Chogori) 8-thousander.
23.08.2011 21:23 Sport
International expedition led by Kazakhstan alpinist Maksut Zhumayev reached the top of K2.
22.08.2011 16:48 Sport
Participants of the expedition to K2 reached the fourth camp at 8,000 meters. After ascending the K2 Gerlinda Kaltenbrunner will become the first women in the world to ascend all 14 8-thousanders without oxygen.
21.08.2011 11:35 Kazakhstan
Four participants of the international expedition to K2, also known as Chogori, have reached the third camp at the height of 7100 meters, in spite of the snow and strong wind.
20.08.2011 13:29 Sport
Only four out of six climbers are continueing their way to the top. They are expecting the good weather to hold on.
19.08.2011 12:05 Sport
Despite of the snow four participants of the international expedition to K2 have got to the intermediate camp at 6,100 meters.
17.08.2011 19:00 Sport
Today, August 16, the alpinists reached the first camp at 5,300 meters.
17.08.2011 11:14 Kazakhstan
Chinese and Kyrgyz visas of participants of the expedition to K2 have expired. This makes further attempts to ascend Chogori formally illegal.
15.08.2011 19:02 Sport
Participants of expedition to K2 have divided into two groups and are waiting for a better weather in Italian and Chinese camps.
13.08.2011 11:33 Sport
The alpinists will spend the next few days in the Chinese base camp at 3,800 meters because of a strong wind.
12.08.2011 12:18 Sport
International expedition to Chogori is having a rest in the base camp and deciding on the timing of their final ascent to the peak.
10.08.2011 10:47 Sport
Participants of international expedition to K2 went down from the second to the first camp despite of a landslide threat and moving rocks.
08.08.2011 18:51 Sport
According to Kazakh climber Maksut Zhumayev, the team has set the route to the fourth camp and set the camp. This fulfills the main goal of their fourth acclimatization ascent.
08.08.2011 15:47 Sport
Chogori is 8,611 meters high. So to reach the peak the team will have to cover another 811 meters of height.
07.08.2011 12:27 Sport
According to Kazakh alpinist Maksut Zhumayev they’ve received weather forecasts that the weather will be good enough until Tuesday for the final ascent.
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