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International expedition to K2 has set the 4th camp 08 августа 2011, 18:51

According to Kazakh climber Maksut Zhumayev, the team has set the route to the fourth camp and set the camp. This fulfills the main goal of their fourth acclimatization ascent.
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Maksut Zhumayev and Vassiliy Pivtsov. Photo courtesy of Maksut Zhumayev Maksut Zhumayev and Vassiliy Pivtsov. Photo courtesy of Maksut Zhumayev
International expedition to K2 that includes 2 Kazakh climbers has successfully set the fourth camp in spite of the bad weather. “Yesterday we could see at least something, but today the visibility is zero because of the snow. We couldn’t even see where we were going, but Vassiliy managed to find a safe way to the fourth camp so there we are: we’ve brought and set two tents. The strong wind here is a menace, but the most important is that we have set to route to the fourth camp and no the tasks of the fourth acclimatization ascent is fulfilled," Kazakh climber Maksut Zhumayev said. The most important is go get back to the base camp safe and sound, because there is a lot of snow, Zhumayev said. “Today is our first real day of work. Here is what happened before: we climbed to the third camp, set have or the route to the fourth camp and went down. For two days we tried to get from the third camp to the fourth, but couldn’t. Yesterday there was a bad storm and ended only during the night. It brought 50 centimeters of snow in just one day,” Zhumayev said. The international expedition to K2 includes Maksut Zhumayev and Vassiliy Pivtsov from Kazakhstan, Gerlinda Kaltenbrunner from Austria, Ralf Dujmovits from Germany, Darek Zaluski from Poland and Tommy Heinrich from Argentina. Chogori is located in the Karakorum mountain system in Kashmir province at the territory of Pakistan. Its height is 8,611 meters.

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