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20.04.2014 18:32 Health
Kazakhstan has topped Central Asia by breast cancer rates.
25.06.2013 13:21 Health
People breastfed as infants have a 24 percent better chance than their formula-fed counterparts of climbing the social ladder.
16.04.2013 14:41 Science, Technologies
The US Supreme Court heard the most high-profile genetics case in history on Monday, as justices considered whether private firms should be allowed to patent human genes linked to breast cancer.
27.01.2013 10:03 People
From breast-slapping and gold thread face-lifts, to vaginal whitening soaps and olive oil penis enlargements, image obsessed Thais are going to ever increasing extremes in the quest for beauty.
30.10.2012 14:34 Health
The benefits of preemptive breast cancer screening outweigh the risks, a study said Tuesday, insisting the practice saves thousands of lives.
13.07.2012 11:08 Health
Children who are solely breast-fed in the first six months of life are at increased risk of developing a nut allergy, new research showed Thursday.
30.06.2012 15:31 Science, Technologies
Kazakhstan scientists have developed an implantation material for treatment of urological diseases and use in plastic surgery.
25.04.2011 18:39 Science, Technologies
Plastic surgery Kazakhstan was discussed at the press-conference in Almaty. Demand for plastic surgeries grew 40% since 2008.