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Boob job tagged most popular surgery in Kazakhstan 25 апреля 2011, 18:39

Plastic surgery Kazakhstan was discussed at the press-conference in Almaty. Demand for plastic surgeries grew 40% since 2008.
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Demand for plastic surgeries grew 30-40 percent from 2008, Tengrinews.kz reports citing plastic surgeon Viktor Globa as saying at the press-conference called Development of aesthetic and plastic surgery in Kazakhstan in Almaty. Before 2008 eyelids surgery (blepharoplasty) was the most popular surgery Breast augmentation surgery became the leader after 2008. Anti-age blepharoplasty costs from 50 to 100 thousand tenge ($350-$700), while in Europe it costs from 1,500 to 2,000 Euro (from 300 to 400 thousand tenge). As for boob job, it costs from 450 thousand to 1.2 million tenge ($3,000-$8,500) in Kazakhstan. The cost varies from 3,500 to 5,000 Euro (from 700 thousand to 1 million tenge) in Europe. Kazakhstan women often choose to go to China or Uzbekistan for plastic surgeries to save money, as prices are much lower there. A majority of the patients are ordinary people without any defects, said Globa. Kazakhstan's major problem is insufficient number of training facilities for plastic surgeons, said President of Kazakhstan Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Plastic Surgery Gulnar Zhumatova, M.D. There are about one hundred plastic surgery clinics in Kazakhstan. But only about 10 percent of them are licensed. Five of them are in Almaty. By Irina Mikhailova

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