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11.07.2015 15:17 Disasters
Thousands of people were pouring into Srebrenica to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the massacre of thousands of Muslims in the worst mass killing in Europe since World War II.
10.07.2015 12:22 Unrest
A convoy carrying the coffins of 136 newly-identified Srebrenica victims arrived in the Bosnian town where the massacre took place, for their burial on the 20th anniversary.
10.07.2015 10:38 Politics
Germany urged Bosnia to work towards a future in which a "genocide" such as the massacre of Muslims 20 years ago would no longer be possible.
04.06.2015 15:43 Religion
Pope Francis flies into Sarajevo bearing a message of reconciliation 20 years after peace accords which ended Bosnia's war but left the country divided on ethnic lines
17.10.2014 15:30 Cinema, Music
Emir Baigazin, the Kazakh director of Harmony Lessons, has been chosen one of the 11 winners of the Hubert Bals Fund.
14.10.2014 12:12 Politics
Nationalist candidates from Bosnia's Croat, Muslim and Serb communities won the country's three-man presidency, election results showed.
13.10.2014 14:36 Politics
Nationalist candidates of Bosnia's Croats, Muslims and Serbs were ahead in the race for the country's tripartite presidency.
16.08.2014 10:48 Cinema, Music
The Sarajevo Film Festival opens to celebrate its 20th anniversary.
28.06.2014 16:59 Politics
Sarajevo on Saturday was to mark 100 years since the assassination that sparked World War I, an act that still deeply divides the people of the Balkans over the legacy of that fateful day.
25.06.2014 18:29 Politics
NATO head Anders Fogh Rasmussen said Wednesday the alliance will shortly offer Georgia closer ties, but made no mention of membership, amid growing concerns over Russia's intentions in Ukraine.
10.06.2014 14:11 Disasters
The United Nations estimates it will cost $210 million to cover immediate priority needs for the next six months in Bosnia, alone, after devastating floods hit the region, an official said.
17.05.2014 12:52 Emergencies
Four people in Bosnia have died in flooding from the heaviest rainfall to hit the Balkans in over a century, officials said Friday, in what Serbia's premier has called a "horrible natural catastrophe".
10.05.2014 19:57 Art, Books
Sarajevo's famed architectural jewel, "City Hall", or the National Library, reopened on Friday, 22 years after it was destroyed by Bosnian Serb forces' shelling during the 1992-1995 war.
30.03.2014 12:04 Cinema, Music
Hollywood star Angelina Jolie on Friday paid respect to victims of the 1995 Srebrenica massacre after urging the international community to stop the use of sexual violence as a war weapon.
08.01.2014 11:49 People
Sarajevans paid tribute Tuesday to a legendary shoe-cleaner known as "uncle" Miso, who died at the age of 83 after more than 60 years working on the streets, even during the 1992-1995 war.
27.11.2013 18:59 Politics
Kazakhstan Secretary of State Marat Tazhin has accepted the credentials from Ambassadors of Denmark, Uruguay. Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Bangladesh, Philippines, Zambia, Nigeria and Fiji.
18.08.2013 13:38 Religion
All mosques in Bosnia on Friday heeded the country's top iman's call to hold prayers for the "Egyptian martyrs" killed in a crackdown by security forces of supporters of the ousted Islamist president.
11.07.2013 14:05 Crime
Bosnia will bury 409 victims of the Srebrenica massacre, including a newborn baby, the 18th anniversary of Europe's worst post-war atrocity in which Bosnian Serb forces slaughtered some 8,000 Muslims.
03.06.2013 10:01 People
Hundreds of youth gathered Friday to mark the 1992 ethnic cleansing against non-Serbs in Prijedor, one of the deadliest episodes of the Bosnian war.
31.05.2013 18:50 Unrest
Several thousand workers protested in Sarajevo against the government's economic policies, demanding their back pay.
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