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Prayers for 'Egyptian martyrs' in Bosnia's mosques

Prayers for 'Egyptian martyrs' in Bosnia's mosques Prayers for 'Egyptian martyrs' in Bosnia's mosques
All mosques in Bosnia on Friday heeded the country's top iman's call to hold prayers for the "Egyptian martyrs" killed in a crackdown by security forces of supporters of the ousted Islamist president, AFP reports.
"I call on all imams... to hold prayers for shahidi (martyrs) in Egypt killed by the military during the events following the ouster of democratically elected president Mohamed Morsi," Bosnian Muslim spiritual leader Husein Kavazovic said. Kavezovic also sent his message to imams in neighbouring Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia and those serving in mosques attended by the Bosnian diaspora. Shortly after the noon prayer, several hundred Egyptian nationals living in Bosnia gathered in front of Egypt's embassy in Sarajevo in a peaceful protest against what they called a "coup" that had ousted Morsi, as well as the bloodshed which has followed it. On Thursday, Bosnian Muslim religious leaders condemned the "brutal violence (by) military power" in Egypt following the security forces' bloody dispersal of Morsi supporters that left hundreds dead. Muslims account for about 40 percent of Bosnia's population of 3.8 million. Most of them are Sunnis and practise moderate Islam.