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15.11.2016 12:23 Science, Technologies
The Supermoon was captured rising behind the rocket, which is to be launched this Thursday.
28.10.2015 21:25 Science, Technologies
However, plans are afoot to keep on training prospective astronauts, including female astronauts.
29.08.2015 10:44 Science, Technologies
Russia successfully launched a Proton rocket with a British satellite in the first such launch since an engine failure in May resulted in a Mexican satellite being destroyed.
30.07.2015 18:49 Science, Technologies
Kazakh cosmonaut Aydin Aimbetov has been going through a pre-flight preparation in Russian Star City for two months already.
23.07.2015 14:49 Science, Technologies
Back in May singer Sarah Brightman announced that she was postponing plans to go into space. Brightman said she was putting her spaceflight on hold for personal and family reasons.
23.06.2015 12:13 Science, Technologies
Aidyn Aimbetov will replace world’s best-selling soprano Sarah Brightman who was supposed to go on a $52 million 10-day trip aboard the International Space Station.
06.06.2015 14:30 Science, Technologies
Head of the Russian Space Agency Igor Komarov declared that Russia will be continuing launches from Kazakhstan's Baikonur Cosmodrome until 2024, when it will switch to its own Vostochny Cosmodrome.
04.06.2015 12:55 Industry, Infrastructure
Today Kazakhstan’s Baikonur celebrates its 60th anniversary.
31.05.2015 03:36 Environment
Is there a connection between the mass die-out of saigas in Kazakhstan and rocket launches from Baikonur cosmodrome?
31.05.2015 03:02 Science, Technologies
Kazakhstan is experiencing disruptions in the transition from Proton carrier rocket to more environmentally friendly Angara booster.
12.02.2015 15:05 Politics
Back in August 2014 the country’s media reported that Russia was intending to stop financing Baikonur starting from 2016.
04.08.2014 16:16 Politics
Russian Finance Ministry might stop financing Baikonur cosmodrome in 2016.
24.07.2014 12:23 Science, Technologies
A cargo craft successfully docked with the International Space Station, the Russian space agency Roskosmos said.
21.07.2014 20:53 Politics
Two new Kazakh-Russian intergovernmental agreements concerning Baikonur Cosmodrome are a possibility.
21.07.2014 17:44 Environment
Minister of Emergency Situations Vladimir Bozhko expressed his opinion concerning commentaries of local environmentalists who said that rocket launches affected weather conditions in Kazakhstan.
16.07.2014 02:51 Strange News
A very unusual phenomenon has been witnessed by residents of Kyzylorda on the evening of July 8.
25.06.2014 15:52 Politics
National Space Agency's chief said that most probably Kazakhstan would take upon itself all the costs associated with modernization of Zenit launching complex in order to replace Proton booster.
25.06.2014 02:49 Politics
Chairman of KazCosmos National Space Agency Mussabayev said that Russia opposes introduction of the Ecological Code of Kazakhstan at Baikonur Cosmodrome.
24.06.2014 14:55 Industry, Infrastructure
Zenit-M rocket launching complex will become a Kazakhstan property on January 1, 2015, effectively ending Russian lease.
23.06.2014 17:50 Finance
According to KazKosmos Head, only around $16.4 million is needed to have state-of-the-art laboratories built and fully equipped.
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