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Baikonur cosmodrome. Stock photo of Russia has no plans of leaving Baikonur It is more viable to accomplish some tasks from Baikonur [rather from the Vostochnyi cosmodrome to be launched in Russia]: Vice Head of the Federal Space Agency of Russian Federation.
31 августа 2011
Photo courtesy of KazSat-2 to be operable starting from late 2011 According to Vice Chairman of the National Space Agency KazKosmos, following the flight testing, the onboard transmitting equipment will be tested in collaboration with on-land communications carriers.
31 августа 2011
©RIA Novosti Kazakhstan to continue launches from Baikonur after crash of Progress Why would we ban launches if the accident caused no damage and losses to Kazakhstan party?: Mussabayev.
27 августа 2011
Photo courtesy of Orbital tests of KazSat-2 to be completed in October Orbital tests of the second national communications satellite KazSat-2 will be completed in October.
23 августа 2011
Karim Massimov. Photo courtesy of Massimov met with heads of space agencies of Russia and Kazakhstan Karim Massimov met with Head of Russian Federal Space Agency and Chairman of Kazakhstan National Space Agency.
19 июля 2011
Photo courtesy of Investments into creation of KazSat-2 to be recouped in 4 years Consequently, in summer 2015 it will start filling the state coffers: Meirbek Moldabekov, Vice Chairman of the Kazakhstan Space Agency.
19 июля 2011
Baikonur cosmodrome. Stock photo of Russia planning modernization at Baikonur Another launch facility is going to be constructed for Soyuz-2 launch vehicles: Roscosmos Head Vladimir Popovkin.
18 июля 2011
Baikonur cosmodrome. Stock photo of Russia has paid Kazakhstan $56 million in rent for Baikonur cosmodrome this year To rent out Baikonur, Russia pays $115 million a year. The payments are made on quarterly basis: Vice Minister of Finance Ruslan Dalenov.
14 июля 2011 stock photo Kazakhstan bloggers to broadcast KazSat-2 launch in Twitter KazSat-2 launch fromBaikonur will be broadcasted in Twitter on July 16.
11 июля 2011 stock photo Mullah to bless Proton-M rocket at Baikonur Mullah will bless Proton-M rocket with Briz-M upper-stage rocket and a claster of KazSat-2 and SES-3 (OS-2) satellites in Baikonur.
08 июля 2011
Photo courtesy of Upper-stage rocket for Express-AM4 satellite delivered to Baikonur Upper-stage rocket Briz-M was delivered to Baikonur. It is aimed for a launch of the Russian satellite Express-AM4.
08 июля 2011
Kazakhstan considering entry into Asia Pacific Space Cooperation Organization KazKosmos representatives met APSCO representatives to study opportunities which could be brought about following Kazakhstan’s accession into the Organization.
30 июня 2011
Baikonur cosmodrome. Stock photo of President Nazarbayev ratifies amendments into Baikonur lease agreement The protocol had been initially signed in Almaty February 20, 2008.
30 июня 2011
Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan planning to launch KazSat-3 in 2013 According to KazKosmos, Kazakhstan will have 2 operational satellites by that time.
29 июня 2011
RIA Novosti© Launch of KazSat-2 put off from July 15 to July 16 According to the source, the date of the launch may have been coordinated to fit in the schedules of some VIPs that are expected to attend the launch.
27 июня 2011
©RIA Novosti Kazakh MP wants $1 billion in rent for Baikonur The minimum cost of Baikonur cosmodrome annual rent should be $1 billion: Amangeldy Momyshev.
17 июня 2011
KazSat-2 Russia temporarily provided orbital slot for KazSat-2 Kazakhstan and Russia signed a treaty on the use of an orbital slot for KazSat-2 satellite.
05 июня 2011
AN-124 plane. ©RIA Novosti KazSat-2 delivered to Baikonur KazSat-2 communications satellite has been delivered from Moscow to Baikonur.
31 мая 2011
©RIA Novosti KazSat-2 communications satellite to be sent to Baikonur May 30 It was to supplement the KazSat 1 satellite, but will now replace Kazsat 1 due to the complete loss of the first satellite.
29 мая 2011
Stock photo of Preparations for delivery of KazSat-2 started in Baikonur KazSat-2 will be delivered to Baikonur in the week's time from now from Khrunichev Center, where final tests are being performed.
25 мая 2011

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