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20.01.2013 16:34 Sport
Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi has donated one million pesos (152,000 euros) to finance the refurbishment of a sports centre in a rundown area of his hometown, Rosario.
10.01.2013 14:08 Cinema, Music
As the sound of tango filled the room, the students chose partners, held them close and gingerly launched into the intricate steps of Argentina's famous ballroom dance.
31.12.2012 10:55 Finance
The US gave strong support to Argentina on Friday in the Latin American country's legal battle with hedge funds over the repayment of $1.3 billion to holders of defaulted bonds.
21.12.2012 15:07 Sport
The most important goal for Kazakhstan's Astana crews is to keep our teams safe both in Africa Race an in Dakar Rally Raid: Arthur Ardavichus.
18.12.2012 12:11 Finance
The International Monetary Fund said Monday its executive board is unlikly to consider until late January any possible action against Argentina for failing to supply accurate economic data.
06.12.2012 10:21 Finance
A New York appeals court on Tuesday rejected a motion by hedge funds to force Argentina to make a security deposit as Buenos Aires seeks to overturn an order that it repay $1.3 billion to holders of defaulted bonds.
30.11.2012 15:18 Crime
A trial involving almost 800 cases of human rights abuses during Argentina's 1976-1983 military junta got under way Wednesday, chronicling the use of torture and murder during the dictatorship.
29.11.2012 10:57 Sport
Kazakhstan’s crew led by Arthur Ardavichus, the bronze prize winners of the last year's Dakar, will drive No. 517 in the rally.
09.11.2012 15:27 Unrest
Banging on pots, tens of thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of Argentina late Thursday to protest a possible third term for President Cristina Kirchner.
09.11.2012 10:40 Companies
An Argentine judge froze Chevron's local assets Wednesday at the request of a court in Ecuador where the US oil giant has been ordered to pay $19 billion in environmental damages.
05.10.2012 14:53 Unrest
Thousands of police took to the streets across Argentina on Wednesday after their pay was slashed by 30 to 60 percent in what the government said was an administrative error.
30.09.2012 13:25 Politics
The foreign ministers of Argentina and Iran met at the United Nations on Thursday to discuss the deadly 1994 attack on a Jewish center in Buenos Aires.
14.08.2012 14:57 Unrest
Buenos Aires metro workers announced Monday a temporary end to a strike that left one million commuters daily stranded without subways for ten days.
08.08.2012 11:06 Laws, Initiatives
Argentina has imposed another restriction on the sale of US dollars, barring travelers from purchasing them unless the dollar is the currency of their destination.
01.08.2012 16:18 Politics
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has an "irreversible" advantage over his rival, Henrique Capriles, in the upcoming October 7 election.
01.05.2012 19:44 Cinema, Music
"Dakar Syndrome" documentary has been screened in Almaty for the first time.
05.01.2012 10:03 Sport
The 4th stage that started on the 4th of January passes through at the height of 3,500 meters above the sea level.
05.01.2012 09:58 Sport
The pilot of the Kazakhstan team called the 3rd stage of Dakar Rally the most difficult part of the race.
29.07.2011 18:12 Markets
Head of Kazakhstan’s meat union and director of a large agricultural company spoke about meat at the international cattle-breeding forum.
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