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Astana Arlans tame Puerto Rico Hurricanes: 3 TKOs and 5:0


Mardan Berikbayev vs Anthony Ortiz.  Photo  © vk.com/astanaarlans Mardan Berikbayev vs Anthony Ortiz. Photo © vk.com/astanaarlans

Kazakhstan's Astana Arlans faced Puerto Rico Hurricanes at the Boxing Center Sapiyev in Karaganda city, Tengrinews reports citing Vesti.kz.

Kazakhstan's Astana Arlans faced Puerto Rico Hurricanes at the Boxing Center Sapiyev in Karaganda city, Tengrinews reports citing Vesti.kz.

During the press conference, the Head Coach of the Hurricanes talked about the team’s readiness to face the Wolves. “We clearly see and know what Kazakhstani boxing school is. We often see Kazakhstani boxers at various international tournaments, championships, the Asian Games and other competitions. (…) The fact that the flight was very long does not matter. We are ready. Our boxers have gotten used to it already,” he said.

The Arlans-Hurricanes fight has proved to be interesting, as the Puerto Rican coach predicted, although not in the favor of the guest team.

Mardan Berikbayev faced Anthony Ortiz in the light flyweight category (-49 kg). The fight between Berikbayev and Ortiz was definitely not what is usually expected of boxers in their weight division. The fight was even, yet lacking dynamics and mobility flyweights usually showcase on the canvas. Ortiz kept a strong defence, while being able to connect a good number of punches. Yet, the fight was more of a dancing around and measuring each other. As for the engagement, the fighters did not stir much excitement besides several bursts of activity throughout 5 rounds. In the end, judges gave the victory to Mardan Berikbayev of Kazakhstan with 49:46, 49:46, 49:46 points.

In the following bout, Meirbolat Toitov got in the ring to fight against a Puerto Rican bantamweight (-56 kg) Luis Ruiz. Toitov of the Kazakhstani boxing club countered attacks of the opponent beautifully. A minute until the end of the 1st round, Toitov sent Ruiz to the canvas. In the second round, the Puerto Rican received a heavy beating from the experienced Arlan. The referee Dmytro Lazarev gave Ruiz the second 8 count and stopped the fight 0:27 to the end of the 2nd round announcing a TKO. The Arlnas had 2:0 against the Hurricanes.

Luis Ruiz in a knockdown. Photo  © vk.com/astanaarlans

One of the most technical boxers of the Kazakhstani club Samat Bashenov fought against Rivera Jan in the light welterweight division (-64 kg). Jan was definitely fast throwing two jabs at a time. Yet, Bashenov was faster and skillfully ducked away. The Hurricane boxer showcased some admirable persistence, but the captain of the Wolves dominated the ring throughout all 5 rounds. Bashenov took the victory with 50:45, 50:45, 50:45 and the Arlans earned the victory over the Hurricanes 3:0.

But boxing fans had two more exciting bouts ahead of them. Zhanibek Alimkhanuly from the National Boxing Team faced Jeffrey Flan Guillen in the middleweight category (-75 kg) bout. Guillen could not outclass his opponent. The fast and deadly Alimkhanuly did not give Guillen time, attacked with a series of precise jabs and sent the Puerto Rican to the canvas with a left cross. The referee announced another TKO 1:45 before the the end of the 1st round.

The final bout of the night took place between the heavyweight (-91 kg) superstar Vassiliy Levit and Gabriel Bolajeh Johnson Richards. Levit once again dominated the ring. Less than 20 seconds left until the end of the 1st round, Richards missed Levit’s solid punch and ended up with an 8-count. The second 8-count came in the beginning of the 2nd round for the Puerto Rican. Uncompromising Levit continued to attack his opponent. In the end of the 2nd round, Levit TKOed Richards and brought the 5th and final victory to the Astana Arlans.

Vassily Levit TKOed Gabriel Bolajeh Johnson Richards. Photo © vk.com/astanaarlans

The Astana Arlans defeated Puerto Rico Hurricanes 5:0. 

Astana Arlans vs Puerto Rico Hurricanes. Video © World Series Boxing 2015

Next, Arlans will face Argentina Condors on February 21 in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

By Gyuzel Kamalova

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