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Falklands War to pervade Thatcher's funeral For many of Margaret Thatcher's admirers, the war she fought with Argentina over the Falkland Islands was her finest moment -- and there will be many reminders of the brief.
15 апреля 2013
Argentina floods caused $5 billion in damage Damage from last week's record rains and flooding in Argentina exceeded five billion dollars, according to officials, who said on Sunday that more than 350,000 people suffered losses in property.
09 апреля 2013
Uruguay president caught in open mic incident Uruguay's President Jose Mujica was left red-faced Thursday after disparaging remarks apparently aimed at Argentine counterpart Cristina Kirchner and her late husband were picked up by an open microphone.
05 апреля 2013
Argentina in mourning as floods kill 54, sow chaos Argentina's government declared three days of national mourning from Wednesday after massive flooding killed 54 people in Buenos Aires and the nearby university city of La Plata.
04 апреля 2013
Argentina's Economy Minister Hernan Lorenzino. ©REUTERS/Andrew Burton Argentina presents conditions for debt repayment Argentina on Friday offered two New York hedge funds to repay its debt to them with cash and new bonds on conditions similar to those used in a 2010 debt swap.
30 марта 2013
Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan Boxing VKontakte page Astana Arlans Kazakhstan triumphantly advance into WSB semifinals Kazakhstan's Astana Arlans were unbeatable. Winning 5:0 they advanced into the semi-finals to the delight of the Kazakhstan audience.
30 марта 2013
Kirchner fires broadside at Britain over Falklands Argentine President Cristina Kirchner has launched a fiery Twitter attack deriding Britain's claim to the Falkland Islands, saying even three-year-old children would know London has no case.
29 марта 2013
World Bank links obesity to high food prices Food prices have dropped since peaking six months ago but remain near record levels, pushing the world's poorest people toward "undernutrition" and obesity.
28 марта 2013
Dow Chemical signs agreement on Argentina oil, gas Argentina's state-run energy company YPF said Tuesday it signed a memorandum of understanding with the local subsidiary of Dow Chemical to develop shale gas in the southern Nequen province.
27 марта 2013
Argentine grandmothers attack Pope over 'Dirty War' era An Argentinian human rights group set up to find babies stolen during the country's "Dirty War" on Friday accused newly elected Pope Francis of failing to speak out against the country's former military rulers.
18 марта 2013
Pope Francis hailed, urged to work for peace World leaders and Catholics hailed the election of Jorge Bergoglio from Argentina as the first Latin American pope on Wednesday, urging him to work for religious reconciliation and peace.
14 марта 2013
Newly elected Pope Francis, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina. ©REUTERS/Dylan Martinez Argentina's Bergoglio elected first Latin American pope Argentina's Jorge Mario Bergoglio was elected Pope Francis on Wednesday, becoming the first Latin American pontiff in an astonishing decision that raises hopes of greater openness for the troubled Catholic Church.
14 марта 2013
Argentine president slams Falklands vote as 'parody' Argentine President Cristina Kirchner Tuesday slammed as a "parody" the referendum in the disputed Falkland islands, where residents voted in favor of remaining a British overseas territory.
14 марта 2013
Falkland Islanders vote 98.8% in favour of staying British Falkland Islanders on Monday voted overwhelmingly in favour of remaining a British oversees territory in a referendum designed to send a strong message to Argentina, which earlier derided the poll as illegal.
12 марта 2013
Bolat Mankenov. Photo courtesy of Boxing: Kazakhstan's Astana Arlans to fight Argentina Condors in WSB play-off Kazakhstan's Astana Arlans – Argentina Condors fight will be held in Argentina on March 23.
12 марта 2013
Argentine ex-president Menem convicted arms smuggling Former Argentine president Carlos Menem was convicted on Friday of orchestrating arms smuggling while in office.
10 марта 2013
Sex abuse victims list 'dirty dozen' papal candidates Clergy sex abuse victims listed a "dirty dozen" potential papal candidates Wednesday and urged the Roman Catholic Church to "get serious" about protecting children, helping victims and exposing corruption.
08 марта 2013
©REUTERS Argentine supermarkets freeze prices after IMF censure Supermarket chains in Argentina agreed to freeze their prices for 60 days in an attempt to rein in inflation.
05 февраля 2013
Argentine President Cristina Kirchner. ©REUTERS Israel 'surprised' by Argentina-Iran deal on commission Israel's foreign ministry said Monday it was "surprised" by Argentina's agreement with Iran to create an independent commission to investigate the 1994 attack on a Buenos Aires Jewish centre.
28 января 2013
Oscar Lefosse. Photo courtesy of Is it a bird? A plane? No, just a guy named Oscar He was a self-styled superhero, prowling the gritty outskirts of Buenos Aires wearing a mask and cartoonish outfit and armed only with a flashlight, compass and pepper spray as he took on bad guys.
26 января 2013

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