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Kazakh Wolves tame Thunder: Astana Arlans win Italian Thunder 3:2


Photo © vk.com/astanaarlans Photo © vk.com/astanaarlans

On the last day of winter, the Astana Arlans faced Italian Thunder for the first time in the 5th season in Almaty, Tengrinews reports.

On the last day of winter, the Astana Arlans faced Italian Thunder for the first time in the 5th season in Almaty, Tengrinews reports.

Earlier, the Arlans crushed US Knockouts, Puerto Rico Hurricanes and Argentina Condors with devastating 5:0.

The Italian team is ranked 4th in the Group B, topped by the Kazakhstani team.

In the first bout of the night, the fly lightweight (-49 kg) Temirtas Zhussupov faced an experienced Irish boxer Partick Barnes. Zhussupov kept his distance with beautiful footwork and caught his opponent in counter attacks. But the Irish still managed to connect serious punches. With each round, Barnes accelerated throwing more crushing crosses and jabs. In the final round, Zhussupov scored a liver shot. But Barnes was more convincing in the ring and won the bout 48:47, 49:46, 48:47. Temirtas deserves a credit for his relentless boxing against a more experienced opponent.

In the bantamweight division (-56 kg) Kairat Yeraliyev debuted in the World Series Boxing in a fight against another Irish boxer Michael Conlan. Yeraliyev, too, similar to Zhussupov, kept a distance from his opponent. Yet, Yeraliyev got more into a close range fight than his teammate in the previous fight. Conlan, the London Olympic’s bronze medalist caught Yerliyev with his powerful jabs. In the final bout, Conlan split Yeraliyev’s left eyebrow brining the fight to the conclusion. In accordance with the WSB rules, Yeraliyev who lead by points up took the victory. The score between the Arlans and Thuders equaled to 1:1.

Ualikhanov vs Mangiacapre. Photo © vk.com/astanaarlans

Askhat Ualikhanov got in the ring to fight his Italian opponent Vincenzo Mangiacapre in the light welterweight (-64 kg). In the first round, Ualikhanov was feeling out his opponents, while keeping his guard up and jabbing at Mangiacapre. The Italian kept his arms down bobbing and weaving away from Ualikhanov’s attacks. It did not faze the Kazakh fighter, but he started getting tired in the fourth round. Despite, having used up most of his energy in the second and third rounds, Ualikhanov stayed solid to the end coming at his opponent with all his strength. Yet, it was not enough to capture the victory. The London Olympics bronze medalist Mangiacapre won the bout with confidence and class. The score fell in favor of the Italians 2:1.

Meirim Nursultanov connects a deadly right. Photo © vk.com/astanaarlans

The following fights brought the middleweight (-75 kg) Meirim Nursultanov against a WSB debutant Raffaele Munno. Nursultanov progressed in his usual tempo, increasing the pressure with every round. The Arlan fighter kept Munno at a distance, jabbing at him and weaving away from attacks with mastery. Munno, in turn, tried closing the distance and scored a good number of shots that the Arlan could not counter. Yet, throughout the round Nursultanov showcased beautiful footwork in getting away from Munno’s hooks and crosses. Overal, Nursultanov maintained a strategy of attacking and quickly stepping out of the attack range, which brought him his victory by the unanimous decision. Meirim Nursultanov brought the needed victory to the Wolves equaling the score to 2:2.

Spahiu vs Levit. Photo © vk.com/astanaarlans

The heavyweight (-91 kg) sensation Vassiliy Levit once again faced a privilege of a decider bout. Levit fought against Endri Spahiu from Italian Thunder. When Levit gets in the ring, his humble demeanor in a flash is substituted by a killer mode. This time, too, the Arlan did not disappoint his fans. Levit dominated the ring and outclassed his opponent in the first round. Spahiu’s feeble attempts to get at Levit in the second round did not end successfully. Levit kept showering his opponent with punishing shot. In the second round, the referee found Spahiu’s mouth guard on the canvas three times. The Italian boxer lost by disqualification. Levit once again celebrated his own and the Arlans’ victory.

The Astana Arlans snatched the victory from Italian Thunder with the score of  3:2 in exciting bouts at the Sports Palace in Almaty on February 28.

Next, the Wolves are hopping on the airplane to travel to Caracas. 5 Arlan boxer will face their Venezuelan opponents on March 7.

By Gyuzel Kamalova

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