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5:0 Astana Arlans shutout victory over Argentina Condors


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The Astana Arlans of Kazakhstan continue the victorious streak after defeating Argentina Condors 5:0, Tengrinews reports.

The Astana Arlans of Kazakhstan continue the victorious streak after defeating Argentina Condors 5:0, Tengrinews reports.

The Arlans-Condors fights took place in Almaty’s Sport Palace on February 21.

In the flyweight category (52 kg), Azamat Issakulov faced Ricardo Maximiliano Ibarra. The Kazakh Arlan was faster than his Argentinian opponent and managed to get away from most of his attacks. Issakulov showcased admirable efficiency and economy in his movements throughout the rounds. In turn, Ibarra pressed on with tenacity till the final round. But in the end, the judges gave the victory to Issakulov with 50:44, 50:44, 50:44. The Arlan brought the first victory to the Kazakhstani team 1:0.

In the following lightweight category (-60 kg), Roman Chshegrinov fought against Brian Ivan Nunez. Chshegrinov kept his guard up stalking Nunez across the ring and throwing a solid number of connecting punches. The Arlan boxer got more active with each round. Nunez, in turn, caught Chshegrinov in counter attacks, but it did not stop the Arlan from coming after his Argentinian opponent. The Kazakhstani won the Argentinian on points 3:0.

In the welter weight (-69 kg), or as many say “Kazakh weight division”, the AIBA World Champion Daniyar Yeleussinov got in the ring with confidence of the National Team captain to face Luis Alberto Veron from Argentina Condors. Fans’ favorite boxer Yeleussinov showcased speed, precision peppered with a little bit of deserved cockiness. The Kazakh boxer dominated the ring and overwhelmed his opponent throughout all 5 rounds. The judges gave the victory to the Arlan boxer with 50:45, 49:46, 50:45. The welterweight fighter brought his team the decisive victory 3:0.

The light heavy weight (-81 kg) division is one of the pillars for the Kazakh team thanks to a Croatian boxer Hrvoje Sep. In the fourth fight of the night, Sep fought against Josue Oliva. There is something about the Croat’s brawler style boxing and knockout punches that cannot be ignored. The height advantage it seems did not help Oliva at keeping away the short-range boxer Sep. The Croatian defeated Oliva and continues his victorious season for Kazakhstan.

The super heavy weight (+91 kg) bout took place between Filip Hrgovic and Argentinian Carlos Ortega. Uncompromising Croat once again overwhelmed his opponent with the power of his jabs and crosses. In the second round, Hrgovic sent Ortega to the canvas with a liver shot. Seconds later, Ortega hit the canvas with his knee in a knockdown again. Despite Ortega’s willingness to continue, the referee announced a TKO. Hrgovic brought the final fifth victory to the Astana Arlans over Argentina Condors.

Next, the Arlans are facing Italia Thunder in Almaty on February 28.

Rankings are available on worldseriesboxing.com

Meanwhile, the Arlans top the Group B ranking with 18 points. Cuba Domadores dominate the Group A with 18 points.

By Gyuzel Kamalova

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