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06.01.2015 13:39 Sport
Four crews from Kazakhstan are racing the prestigious Dakar Rally in 2015.
29.12.2014 17:44 Sport
The Kazakhstani boxing club Astana Arlans has presented the team members of the new season at the AIBA World Boxing Academy in Almaty.
16.12.2014 12:10 Finance
The International Monetary Fund said that Argentina was making progress in improving the data but more was needed.
03.12.2014 13:24 Internet
Facebook Argentina was ordered to pay a firefighter one million pesos for failing to comply with an order to delete insulting fake profiles of the plaintiff.
03.11.2014 12:29 Health
Argentina's President Cristina Kirchner was admitted to hospital late Sunday suffering from fever, her office said.
09.10.2014 17:13 Politics
Kazakhstanis will be able to visit Argentina on visa free basis starting November 1.
25.09.2014 13:48 Finance
Argentine President Cristina Kirchner lashed out at "vulture funds" that are pursuing her country for payment on Argentine bonds they hold.
17.09.2014 15:18 Politics
Pope Francis is concerned about the political situation in his native Argentina.
05.09.2014 12:00 People
Gustavo Cerati, who became a megastar in Latin America with his brand of showy, arena-friendly rock 'n' roll, died at 55 after four years in a coma.
09.08.2014 13:13 People
The story of the Argentine activist who found her grandson has revived deep emotions for many, and caused others to question their identity.
01.08.2014 14:27 Fun Stuff
Kazakhstan's sport website has selected the most beautiful fans of World Cup 2014 Final.
31.07.2014 11:12 Finance
Last-ditch talks between Argentina and the US hedge funds it has branded "vultures" failed to reach agreement Wednesday, effectively pushing the country into default.
29.07.2014 16:16 Finance
Argentina admitted it may default on some of its debts but downplayed the consequences, just two days before time expires in negotiations with hedge funds demanding full payment on their bonds.
16.07.2014 19:51 Fun Stuff
The World Cup in Brazil has ended but the memories will stay with us for a long time.
14.07.2014 12:12 Politics
Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Argentine counterpart Cristina Kirchner called for a multipolar world order as Moscow sought to boost ties with Latin America amid heightened East-West tensions.
14.07.2014 10:11 Sport
Mario Goetze scored a superb extra-time winner as Germany beat Argentina 1-0 to become the first European team to win a World Cup held in South America.
11.07.2014 12:10 Crime
Argentina's Vice President Amado Boudou filed an appeal against charges of corruption allegedly carried out during his time as finance minister from 2009 to 2011.
10.07.2014 11:41 Sport
Brazilians might have thought that their World Cup nightmare couldn't possibly get any worse -- and then bitter rivals Argentina reached the final in their own backyard.
08.07.2014 12:57 Auto
General Motors will invest $740 million in Argentina through 2016 on its first South American factory turning out aluminum motors, Buenos Aires announced.
05.07.2014 19:07 Science, Technologies
A few months ago, Argentine scientists found the remains of a giant dinosaur. Now they look forward to digging up hundreds more fossils, but what they really want is the big one's head.
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