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Kazakhstan residents are promised millions meters of housing, 40-tenge petrol and zero VAT 13 января 2012, 14:20

Kazakhstan political parties addressed their voters during the TV-debates on Khabar channel.
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Snapshot of the show on Khabar channel Snapshot of the show on Khabar channel
Kazakhstan residents were promised millions of meters of housing, 40-tenge petrol and zero VAT. Representatives of Kazakhstan political parties addressed their potential voters during the TV-debates on Khabar channel, Tengrinews.kz reports. First deputy chairman of Nur Otan party Nurlan Nigmatullin was the first to speak on Economy as basis for the country’s success subject. He shortly told about the success of the party and its clear plan of implementation of Kazakhstan President’s strategy. “We will ensure average annual growth rate of 7 percent. The main growth will be reached through development of non-extractive industries. In the nearest 5 years, GDP per capita will reach $15 thousand. Assets of the National Fund that have been some a sort of a safety cushion during the crisis will be increased from today’s 43 billion ($290 million) to 90 billion tenge ($608 million) and will make almost 30 percent to GDP by 2020,” Nigmatullin said. Nur Otan promised to its voters to hold the People’s IPO that will help the residents to become owners of the country’s strategic resources. As part of the country's industrial and innovative development the party will ensure construct 24 millions of square meters of housing and repair over 30 thousand service networks. The next speaker, head of Ak Zhol party Azat Peruashev, called to transfer development institutions under the parliamentary control, exempt small and medium businesses from taxes in the first three years of work, abstain from accounts blocking and penalties on inconsistent tax reporting, if this reporting caused no damage to the budget. “VAT rates for priority economy sectors should vary from 0 to 6 percent,” he said. “The state has to support those who earn their money, pay taxes and gives jobs to others.” One of the leaders of National Social-Democratic Party Zharmakhan Tuyakbai talked about the state of Kazakhstan economy after 20 years of independence. “78 percent of our energy sector is owned by foreigners. 30 percent of explored oil reserves are owned by Chinese. Meanwhile, our people live in poverty,” Tuyakbai said. According to the party, the country needs diversification of the economy that is now overly dependent on the energy sector. “We have no domestic commodities production. Look at our clothes. If we take it all off, would we find at least a single piece of clothing that is made in Kazakhstan? No,” he stated. Gani Kaliyev, head of Kazakhstan Social-Democratic Party Auyl, focused on development of the food program. He did not deny positive trends of the past years, but referred the statistics to show that starting from 1990 the volume of agricultural production decreased and almost halved. “We need to be honest in saying that the share of agriculture in the GDP is currently only 3 percent, compared to 33 percent before. 60 percent of pastures and 40 percent of farm fields have been abandoned and 80 percent of vehicles are worn off,” Kaliyev said. According to him, as a result Kazakhstan residents consume a third less meat, twice less potatoes. 35 percent of food is imported. “Well-educated qualified professionals would have been capable of increasing the volume of agricultural production almost three-fold. This could supply food not only 15 million of Kazakhstan's population, but 50 million people, tripling output capacities of the industry,” Kaliyev noted. Ualikhan Kaissarov from Adilet party started his speech with the party’s motto Oil to people, corruptionists to jail and Adilet to parliament. He promised to free people from slavery, oppression and enslavement. “We will free people from occupational government. People miss their rights these days. Nobody deems them people anymore. We will solve this issue. We will write off all the debts of young families on housing loans, when they give birth to first, second and third baby. We will introduce maternity capital and students’ immunity. Petrol price in Kazakhstan will be fair and AI-92 will cost 40 tenge ($0.3) per liter,” Kaissarov promised. He complained that despite of 20 years of independence, Kazakhstan still does not have Akims (Governors) elections. “When we introduce Akims elections, then Akims will no loner serve their masters who appoint them, but they will serve the people, their true and real masters,” he stated. First secretary of Almaty commission of the Patriots’ Party Guldana Nurpeissova called to remember about small and medium businesses, as well as agriculture, stressing on Chinese apples for some reason. “Speaking of the economy, we have to talk about production of everything. We import even buttons, nails and fabrics or purchase those huge Chinese apples that even worms do not eat,” she said adding that last-year’s harvest nearly failed because of the repair of local refineries, that’s why “everything should be done in time”. Leader of the Communist People’s Party of Kazakhstan Vladimir Kossarev traditionally criticized capitalism in general and the West choking from crisis in particular. “We cannot follow this course. We have to move to a different economic course. We need to turn, so that the country’s economy works for prosperity of our people. Here is an example: 50 percent of our GDP is currently generated by the mining industry, but only 30 percent get into the budget. Where do the other 20 percent go? These 20 percent make $15 billion. We need to start controlling that every penny is used for prosperity of Kazakhstan people. We think that liberal policy has to make way for small companies with people’s participation. Control over all production areas has to be ensured by national supervisors,” Kossarev said.

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