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Russian drones tested in Kazakhstan 25 марта 2013, 17:24

Russian drones have been tested by the 36th air assault brigade of Kazakhstan Armed Forces.
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Russian unmanned drone. ©RIA Novosti Russian unmanned drone. ©RIA Novosti
Russian drones have been tested by the 36th air assault brigade of Kazakhstan Armed Forces, KazTAG reports citing the commander of the assault brigade major general Almaz Dzhumakeyev. “Yes, the drones have been tested. We have to strengthen the intelligence divisions. We are selecting what is suitable for our climate, considering strong winds and frosts. Some of the other drones that we have tested took off, flew 20 meters and fell down, it was too cold for them,” Dzhumakeyev said during the press-tour to the military unit No.68665. “We have not launched any of them today. The wind is 17 meters per second, while the allowed speed for them is 10 meters per second,” he added. According to him, Israeli and French drones have already been tested. He also noted that Kazakhstan army already had drones. They are used in the intelligence divisions. According to the major general, the drones will be used by the intelligence divisions of Kazakhstan Armed Forces after the manufacturing country is selected in 2014. “Most probably, they will begin service next year. The drones will be used wherever there is intelligence,” he said. On December 2012 Kazakhstan also agreed to consider purchasing Chinese drones. China is developing its own unmanned aircrafts and helicopters based on Israel prototypes. The experts believe that the cost of Chinese drones will not exceed $1 million.

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