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31.03.2016 16:53 Politics
Iran's defence minister is certain the UN Security Council will not take any action over its missile tests despite calls from the Western.
23.02.2016 14:53 Health
French President Francois Hollande acknowledged that three decades of nuclear tests in French Polynesia had had "an impact" on health.
06.01.2016 21:47 Politics
Kazakhstan denounced North Korea’s test of hydrogen bomb and violation of UN Security Council’s nonproliferation resolutions.
06.01.2016 19:24 Military
North Korea said it had successfully tested a miniature hydrogen bomb. If confirmed, this would place it among a small group of countries with such dangerous weapons.
17.06.2015 18:49 People
Prosecutor General’s Office has reported 86 suicide cases among teenagers in Kazakhstan.
05.06.2015 00:49 Education
A young man was caught at the Unified National Testing in Kazakhstan dressed up as his girlfriend.
20.04.2015 12:12 Military
Kazakhstan and Russia have signed the documents returning more than 16 thousand sq. km of formerly leased land back to Kazakhstan.
20.03.2015 17:17 Crime
A second autopsy of Rakhat Aliyev's body confirmed that the former Kazakhstan ambassador to Austria committed suicide.
16.01.2015 12:37 Sport
Kazakhstan’s boxer Almat Serimov who represents Astana Arlans boxing club has failed a doping test.
14.12.2014 13:35 Sport
A doping scandal has erupted after The 2014 World Weightlifting Championships that was held in Almaty, Kazakhstan on November 8-16.
16.10.2014 15:19 Sport
The General Manager of Kazakhstan's Astana Pro Team Alexander Vinokurov has commented on the doping incident involving Iglinskiy brothers.
24.09.2014 12:14 Health
A simple breath test may one day show whether someone has a strain of tuberculosis that will respond to a frontline antibiotic, or a drug-resistant type.
12.09.2014 17:01 Sport
Kazakh cyclist of Astana Proteam Valentin Iglinsky has been fired by the Kazakhstan club after his testes returned positive on erythropoietin (EPO).
01.09.2014 13:30 Internet
Google said it is testing using drones to deliver items bought online, putting its own spin on similar efforts by Internet retail titan Amazon.com.
30.08.2014 11:22 Internet
Facebook said it is dabbling with letting members using smartphones or tablets search for past posts of friends at the leading online social network
26.08.2014 11:27 Science, Technologies
Children who spend more than four hours a day on their mobile phone perform worse on school tests than those who are limited to just 30 minutes.
24.08.2014 20:15 Education
Serik Irsaliev of the MInistry of Education shared the findings of an international study that looked into the Kazakh education system.
19.08.2014 10:01 Internet
Facebook said that it is testing a way to let members know when articles posted to the social network are tongue-in-cheek instead of hand-on-heart.
28.07.2014 18:44 Environment
A top secret Soviet town for testing biological weapons stands abandoned in a Central Asian desert that was once a sea.
24.07.2014 19:27 Education
66% of entrants have failed the Complex Testing of Entrants (CTE) held in Kazakhstan on July 19-22, 2014.
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