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24 radical Salafi Jamaats discovered in Kazakhstan 22 февраля 2013, 12:08

There are currently 24 radical Salafi Jamaats with the total number of 495 members in Kazakhstan: National Security Commission.
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Photo courtesy of diapazon.kz Photo courtesy of diapazon.kz
National Security Commission has discovered 24 radical Salafi Jamaats in Kazakhstan, Tengrinews.kz reports citing the website of Kazakhstan President’s Central Communications Service referring to the National Security Commission. “According to the National Security Commission, there are currently 24 radical Salafi Jamaats with the total number of 495 members in Kazakhstan,” the message states. According to the website the recently introduced legislative regulations enhance anti-terrorism efforts. They include monitoring, detection, elimination of causes and conditions that facilitate emergence and spread of terrorism. Preventive activities of the state authorities will be enhanced with introduction of new amendments to anti-terrorist legislation of Kazakhstan. “Obviously, countering terrorism includes not only the tough actions; it is necessary to counter the prerequisits and factors causing it,” deputy chairman of the National Security Commission Kabdulkarim Abdikazimov said. The website writes that starting from this year major preventive work will be performed by anti-terrorist commissions to be formed in Astana, Almaty, oblasts and regional centers. These commissions will involve public organizations, religious unions and mass media. Kazakhstan citizens will be educated on the threat of terrorism, its forms, methods and ways the terrorists use to inculcate their views and ideas. According to the National Security Commission, the awareness raising work coupled with resolution of social-economic issues will help cut the social soil for cultivation of terrorism. “The preventive work has to become a significant counterweight to promotion of radical ideology by international terrorist and religious-extremist organizations,” the Commission stated.

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