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31.08.2016 16:00 Unrest
Kazakhstan has arrested 21 members of radical groups plotting terror attacks in public places.
30.07.2015 19:06 Military
According to Kazakhstan’s political scientist Yerlan Karin, the number of fighters that the ISIS or Daish, its Arabic acronym, is luring has been decreasing.
21.07.2015 18:20 Crime
Reports circulating in the Kyrgyz media allege that the terrorists destroyed in Bishkek on July 16 were Kazakhstani citizens.
30.01.2015 02:11 Politics
Kazakh political analyst Dosym Satpayev claims the newly established Eurasian Economic Union has created new opportunities for extremists from Kyrgyzstan.
25.09.2014 21:25 Politics
Well-known Kazakh political scientists Dosym Satpayev advises not to downplay the threat posed by the Islamic State terrorists.
22.02.2013 12:08 Military
There are currently 24 radical Salafi Jamaats with the total number of 495 members in Kazakhstan: National Security Commission.
28.10.2011 11:59 Religion
The Islam expert gave a video-conference lecture to representatives of Kazakhstan law-enforcement authorities.
21.10.2011 18:31 Religion
Kazakhstan's Supreme mufti thinks that the problem with radical Islamists will be solved by itself if religious schools keep educating new imams.
28.09.2011 14:27 Politics
The 20-year-old generation of independence has grown up; they are more radical from the political point of view.
07.09.2011 13:26 Politics
In case of a geopolitical deal, the U.S. will keep Kazakhstan, north Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, while Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan may be farmed out to Islamists: Expert.
09.07.2011 17:28 Religion
If your soul demands wearing hijab, you can wear it, not to show-off, but based on your level of spiritual growth: religions expert.
05.07.2011 18:28 People
Over a half of polled Kazakhstan citizens (72.9 percent) called for toughening of control over religious organizations in the country.
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