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Examination confirmed Valeriy Tolmachev mentally sick 04 мая 2011, 18:29

An Italian psychiatrist Marasco made a statement that Valeriy Tolmachev suffers from mental disorder.
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REUTERS/Alessandro Bianchi© REUTERS/Alessandro Bianchi©
An Italian psychiatrist Marasco made a statement that Valeriy Tolmachev suffers from a mental disorder, Tengrinews.kz reports citing an official representative of Kazakhstan Foreign Affairs Ministry Askar Abdrakhmanov. “On April 30 psychiatry professor Marasco performed a medical check on Valeriy Tolmachev and his mental condition. On May 2 the professor gave an official statement saying that Tolmachev was under a great psychological stress during a crime, thus, he did not control his actions and did not have a goal of hijacking the plane,” Askar Abdrakhmanov said. “According to all indications, Valeriy Tolmachev is suffering from mental disorder. He can not be convicted under current accuses. Besides, he is not a threat to the general public,” Abdrakhmanov cited the psychiatrist's statement stressing that this is just a medical statement and not the position of Kazakhstan Foreign Ministry. As per Abdrakhmanov, the statement was given to Tolmachev's attorney who promised to transfer the document to the pretrial judge. As per attorney, the prosecutor is requesting the second sitting and going to call for an additional independent medical check. Valeriy Tolmachev from Kazakhstan was arrested in Italy for an attempt to hijack a plane. He attempted to hijack a Paris-Rome Alitalia flight and divert it to Tripoli, Libya by threatening a flight attendant late on April 24. He was wrestled away from the attendant by passengers and given a sedative. The flight continued safely, none of the passengers were hurt.

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