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20.01.2016 17:35 Politics
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan calls the leaders of both countries to cooperate to resolve the crisis.
09.11.2015 10:57 Politics
Iran has appointed its first woman ambassador since the 1979 Islamic revolution, naming foreign ministry spokeswoman Marzieh Afkham to head its embassy in Malaysia.
24.08.2015 10:30 Politics
Britain's foreign secretary reopened his country's embassy in Tehran in a long-awaited step signalling better relations four years after a mob stormed the compound, forcing its closure.
14.08.2015 13:26 Politics
US Secretary of State John Kerry will visit Cuba Friday to raise the American flag over the newly reopened US embassy, a symbolic capstone on Washington's historic rapprochement with Havana.
02.07.2015 11:11 Politics
Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez will preside over the historic opening of his country's embassy in Washington on July 20.
18.06.2015 12:59 Politics
The US Embassy in Kazakhstan has suspended visa issuance.
09.06.2015 15:38 Politics
The second round of consultations of Syrian opposition groups will be held in Kazakhstan's Astana in mid-September.
06.06.2015 13:24 Politics
Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan has made a working visit to Serbia. He also took part in the ceremony of opening of the embassy of Kazakhstan in Belgrade.
13.05.2015 01:02 Art, Books
Spanish poet Justo Jorge Padron’s poignant The Circles of Hell has been translated into the Kazakh language.
29.04.2015 01:01 Politics
A photo exhibition dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the World War II will open in Almaty on May 6 and in Astana on May 7.
28.04.2015 13:41 Politics
The US Consulate General in Kazakhstan brushed aside rumors that the cargo delivered from Abu Dhabi to US Embassy in Bishkek was carrying weapons and cash to organize revolutions in Central Asia.
20.04.2015 14:33 Politics
The USA plans to offer 10-year business and tourist visas to Kazakhstanis.
05.01.2015 14:12 Politics
Starting from January 1 of this year, the Embassy of Estonia in Astana will serve as the contact point embassy of NATO in Kazakhstan.
24.11.2014 12:49 Politics
George Krol has been appointed US Ambassador to Kazakhstan.
08.11.2014 15:04 Politics
Ukraine has shut down nine of its consulates throughout the world, including the one in Almaty, Kazakhstan.
09.10.2014 17:13 Politics
Kazakhstanis will be able to visit Argentina on visa free basis starting November 1.
03.09.2014 12:04 Politics
President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev has appointed a number of new ambassadors of Kazakhstan.
19.08.2014 11:17 Politics
Julian Assange will not leave the Ecuador embassy in London until it is guaranteed he will avoid extradition to the United States.
13.08.2014 12:56 Unrest
Moscow police detained dozens of protesters who had gathered to show their support for Kiev in its campaign against pro-Russian insurgents.
14.07.2014 16:10 Education
Three Kazakhstan students have been admitted into the leading military universities of America this year.
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