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Diplomat Valery Tolmachev Tolmachev back to Kazkahstan and will go back to work Former adviser to Kazakhstan's permanent mission to UNESCO, declared not guilty of hijacking the plane in Italy, came back to Kazakhstan.
29 мая 2012
Apprehension of Valeriy Tolmachev. ©REUTERS Tolmachev's lawyers requesting transfer to Kazakhstan hospital Lawyers of Valeriy Tolmachev will requst his transfer to a Kazakhstan hospital.
29 декабря 2011
Valery Tolmachev. Photo by Anatoliy Ustinenko© Kazakhstan diplomat Tolmachev cleared of criminal charges He has avoided abduction and a hijacking attempt charges and ruled to be mentally ill. After 3 months of treatment he can return to Almaty.
15 декабря 2011
Olzhas Suleimenov. Photo by Aizhan Tugelbayeva© Tolmachev does not remember his hijacking attempt: Olzhas Suleimenov Kazakhstan Permanent Representative to the UNESCO Olzhas Suleimenov commented on the case of Valery Tolmachev who tried to hijack a plane in Italy.
17 мая 2011
REUTERS/Alessandro Bianchi© Examination confirmed Valeriy Tolmachev mentally sick An Italian psychiatrist Marasco made a statement that Valeriy Tolmachev suffers from mental disorder.
04 мая 2011
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