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Kazakhstan in fight against Internet terrorism 31 марта 2014, 12:24

To combat internet terrorism Kazakhstan requires intercalibration of the legislation.
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Illustration  © Tengrinews.kz Illustration © Tengrinews.kz

To combat internet terrorism Kazakhstan requires intercalibration of the legislation, Tengrinews.kz reports citing the Chief of Staff of the Kazakhstan Antiterrorist Center Kendebai Adambekov.

"The Internet, including comments and blogs, is considered mass media according to our legislation. If websites breach the law we take actions, but for the most part the servers (of the website acting in violation of the Kazakhstan laws) are located outside Kazakhstan and we cannot affect them, because its it the world wide web and it provides free access to information for everyone. All we can do in such cases is file requests to the countries' (hosing the servers) governments through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If they are willing to support us in our requests and it complies with their legislation, then they block those websites," Adambekov told the reporters.

"We need an intercalibration of the legislation," Adambekov said, adding that OSCE countries understood the problem and were ready to cooperate.

"I went to Brussels recently and met with the Counter-Terrorism Coordinator. We reached mutual understanding. They are ready to support our intergovernmental requests. Give us the lists of those websites: and we will file our inquiries to their governments, they said, and their governments will consider them in accordance with their legislations. But again, it's a question of the Criminal Code of Kazakhstan and its correspondence to the legislation of other countries. Our legal systems are different, even the forms of law differ in Kazakhstan and Europe," Adambekov explained.

He added that Kazakhstan was negotiating with the European Union on a new cooperation agreement that would include clauses on countering radical ideologies.

Adambekov certified that Kazakhstan was not interested in blocking websites all and sandry. "Neither the law enforcement authorities, nor the government are interested in blocking access to information. But we believe that a person's right to life is superior to the right to know and we should prioritize protection of human lives," the head of the Kazakhstan Antiterrorist Center concluded.


By Renat Tashkinbayev

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