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Photo courtesy of Police, cyber firms tackle 'ransomware' hacking threat Dutch police, Europol and a coalition of cyber security firms launched a new website Monday to fight a surge in "ransomware".
27 июля 2016
Stillframe from a Youtube video Turkish Internet servers reeling under huge cyber attack Turkish Internet servers are suffering a powerful cyber attack from abroad, slowing banking services and fanning fears.
25 декабря 2015
Singapore teen in anti-Lee video to undergo mental tests A Singapore court ordered psychiatric tests for a teenager who made online attacks on late former leader Lee Kuan Yew as international rights advocates sought his release.
23 июня 2015
Obama unveils sanctions program to fight cyberattacks President Barack Obama ordered a new sanctions program that could block assets of US and foreign hackers and of companies that seek to profit from cyberattacks.
02 апреля 2015
Facebook, partners unveil alliance on cybersecurity Facebook, Yahoo and other technology firms announced the creation of a "ThreatExchange" to share information to help thwart cyberattacks.
12 февраля 2015
Obama says hacks show need for cybersecurity law President Barack Obama said the hacking of Sony and the Pentagon Central Command's Twitter feed highlight the urgent need to pass new cybersecurity laws.
14 января 2015
Sony chief thanks supporters after 'vicious' cyber attack Sony chief Kazuo Hirai spoke for the first time publicly about the cyber attack that derailed launch of controversial comedy "The Interview".
06 января 2015
Microsoft Corp Chief Executive Satya Nadella. ©Reuters Google and Microsoft stand with Sony against hackers Google and Microsoft joined forces with Sony, using their online might to release "The Interview" film to online audiences despite threats from hackers.
25 декабря 2014
Sony revives US release of 'The Interview' after hack Sony said it will release madcap comedy "The Interview" in some US theaters on Christmas Day, after it canceled the movie's debut.
24 декабря 2014
©Reuters US urges N. Korea to compensate Sony for cyberattack The United States urged North Korea to admit it ordered a cyberattack on the Hollywood studio Sony Pictures and to pay for the damage it had caused.
23 декабря 2014
Obama says Sony hack was not 'an act of war North Korea's alleged hack of Sony Pictures was not an act of war, President Barack Obama said in an interview aired.
22 декабря 2014
Madonna speaks of 'crazy times' after songs leaked Madonna and Sony Pictures both were separately torpedoed by major hacks this month, in what the pop icon called "crazy times."
22 декабря 2014
Attack could cost Sony half a billion dollars: experts The devastating cyberattack on Sony Pictures could see the Hollywood studio lose hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue and incur massive recovery costs.
20 декабря 2014
Hollywood closes ranks with Sony, presses Washington Hollywood filmmakers urged US authorities to do more to protect against cyberattacks, and sought to close ranks with Sony.
20 декабря 2014
©Reuters Sony hack a 'serious national security matter': White House Cyber attacks that ultimately prompted Sony Pictures to scrap the release of a madcap comedy about North Korea are a "serious national security matter."
19 декабря 2014
©REUTERS Hacking threatens airline safety: aviation chiefs Cyber crime is a serious threat to safety in the skies, aviation industry heavyweights said, vowing to fight the growing scourge before it causes a catastrophic incident.
11 декабря 2014
Hackers urge Sony to pull N. Korea comedy film: reports A group which claims to have hacked Sony's servers demanded that its movie studio pull a soon-to-be-released comedy depicting a fictional CIA plot to kill North Korea's leader.
09 декабря 2014
Sony slams 'malicious' hack attack, mum on N. Korea Sony Pictures denounced a "brazen" cyberattack it said netted a "large amount" of confidential information, including movies as well as personnel and business files.
04 декабря 2014
Sony Pictures network reportedly hit by hackers Sony Pictures' computer network has reportedly come under cyberattack, with hackers threatening to release key information.
26 ноября 2014
Monica Lewinsky says she was cyber-bullying Patient Zero Monica Lewinsky said she was one of the first victims of cyber-bullying, becoming "Patient Zero" after falling in love with Bill Clinton.
21 октября 2014

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