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04.04.2016 14:41 Industry, Infrastructure
The season may be drawing to a close at Central Asian Kazakhstan's Chimbulak winter sports resort, but skiiers and snowboarders are still carving their way down.
20.08.2015 16:55 Markets
Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) rated 140 cities by livability. Kazakhstan's Almaty got the 100th place.
07.07.2015 20:26 Industry, Infrastructure
Kazakhstan launches its first transport and logistics center compliant with best international standards in Astana.
06.03.2015 18:15 People
What is the best city in Kazakhstan?
25.12.2014 18:34 Politics
President of Kazakhstan spoke about Nurly Zhol project during a nationwide teleconference dedicated to the Day of Industrialization.
16.12.2014 12:44 Politics
During his official visit to Astana, the Premier of the State Council of China Li Keqiang suggested to help Kazakhstan with development of its infrastructure.
18.11.2014 18:08 Sport
Kazakhstani freestyle association Off-Piste aims to conduct еру international freestyle championship Freeride World Tour in Almaty.
10.11.2014 17:27 Finance
A global infrastructure hub proposed by G20 nations to help strengthen economic growth will be based in Sydney and funded by Australia.
28.10.2014 23:05 Politics
Nazarbayev has spoken about a program of large-scale infrastructure development in Kazakhstan and the government actions to counter possible negative circumstances in the global economy.
28.10.2014 19:04 Industry, Infrastructure
Almaty-Baiserke-Talgar gas pipeline has started working in Almaty Oblast.
27.10.2014 23:26 Industry, Infrastructure
Foreign consultants estimate the potential inflow of tourists to Kinderly at 640 000 people by 2020.
14.10.2014 19:10 Industry, Infrastructure
Kazakhstan has promised to develop road infrastructure along the Western Europe - Western China highway.
13.10.2014 21:56 Industry, Infrastructure
The Ministry of National Economy of Kazakhstan announced that developing four agglomerations in the country would cost $4 billion.
07.08.2014 14:53 Industry, Infrastructure
India's cabinet has approved plans to open its defence and railways industries to foreign investment.
04.08.2014 14:17 Environment
The Earth Foundation plans to make Akkol town in Kazakhstan a resort for young people by 2017.
03.07.2014 19:03 Science, Technologies
A French firm will create a 3D map of Astana worth €3 million.
20.06.2014 19:46 Industry, Infrastructure
Steel rods plant Evraz Caspian Steel has been unveiled in Kostanay.
20.06.2014 12:59 Industry, Infrastructure
Development of Aulie gold deposit has started in Yessil District of North Kazakhstan Oblast.
18.06.2014 00:39 Environment
Despite Kazakhstan’s huge tourism potential, Kazakhstani tourism is not being developed properly.
30.05.2014 10:46 Industry, Infrastructure
Football legend Ronaldo, a member of Brazil's World Cup organizing committee, said Thursday that only 30 percent of the infrastructure projects undertaken for the tournament would be completed.
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