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Kazakhstan farmers offered 800 combine harvesters at discount 19 июля 2012, 14:27

To support small agricultural producers, Kazakhstan Agriculture Ministry offers to purchase cheap harvesting equipment at discount rates: Ministry.
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©RIA Novosti ©RIA Novosti
Kazakhstan farmers have been offered around 800 combine harvesters at discount rates, Tengrinews.kz reports citing Kazakhstan Agriculture Ministry. “To support small agricultural producers, Kazakhstan Agriculture Ministry offers them to lease cheap harvesting equipment at discount rates via KazAgro Holding at low interest rates and without the need for additional collateral property or co-financing. The plan is to supply at least 760 cheap combine harvesters to small producers as part of this program this year,” the message states. Besides, the Ministry states that small agricultural goods producers are offered to purchase grain drying units and are offered funding for construction of inexpensive hangar-type grain storages on similar conditions. Such storages would be perfect to help save the harvest during the whole required period. Their cost is relatively low compared to the silo-type storages, as the latter have a more complicated design and take long to construct. These steps are being taken because storages are likely to be overloaded during the harvesting campaign in 2012. In 2011 Kazakhstan harvested a record amount of grain that peaked the last 20 years and this created a massive load on the existing insufficient grain storages. To resolve this problem the government took steps to subsidize the costs for exported grain. That measure helped export additional 6 million tons of grain. According to the Ministry, so far small farms had to rent harvesting equipment from major companies after the latter complete their harvest campaigns, because of poor quality of the small farms’ own equipment and lack of funds. This late renting causes problems with storage of wet grain, as it is harvested during autumn rains. This problem is especially acute this year as the grain elevators are loaded with the grain of 2011 harvest.

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