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27.04.2016 16:08 Industry, Infrastructure
'It's a dying business,' Gong In-Young said as he watched US activists clear out the cages of his South Korean dog meat farm.
22.01.2015 14:46 Industry, Infrastructure
Several new agricultural plants open in Almaty Oblast to contribute to the food security of the region.
10.01.2015 16:29 Markets
43 enterprises of East Kazakhstan Oblast have been selected to participate in a large dairy farming development initiative.
03.10.2014 13:55 Industry, Infrastructure
A plant for processing poultry manure has been unveiled in Shymkent, southern Kazakhstan. It is the first such plant in Kazakhstan.
03.09.2014 13:20 Finance
Germany's agriculture minister warned that European farmers hit by a Russian import ban would not receive full compensation.
05.06.2014 02:04 Science, Technologies
Venom from one of the world's most poisonous spiders may help save the world's honeybees, providing a biopesticide that kills pests but spares the precious pollinators, a study said.
14.03.2014 12:57 Strange News
A Mississippi farmer who made global headlines two weeks ago when he woke up in a body bag at a funeral home died on Thursday aged 78.
11.03.2014 16:31 Disasters
Farmers in the Philippines will soon reap a harvest after using emergency seed supplies to grow crops following a devastating typhoon that struck during planting season.
10.01.2014 09:59 Industry, Infrastructure
Many countries in Europe face a worrying lack of crop-pollinating honeybees, a problem caused mainly by an EU policy shift in favour of biofuels.
03.12.2013 15:01 Politics
Thousands of ageing farmers took to the streets of Tokyo Tuesday, underscoring opposition in Japan to an ambitious free trade deal, as US Vice President Joe Biden called on countries to make "tough choices".
03.09.2013 16:52 Crime
Peru's anti-drug strategy hinges on persuading farmers to grow coffee instead of coca, the raw material of cocaine, but low prices and plant disease are getting in the way.
23.06.2013 16:23 Industry, Infrastructure
With too few farms in China to feed a burgeoning population, Chinese immigrants have started buying up agricultural lands in Canada and shipping produce to Asia.
23.04.2013 10:45 Markets
Got milk? Too much, say French dairy farmers caught in a pricing squabble with supermarkets while missing out on the Chinese thirst for imported powdered milk.
15.03.2013 15:16 Disasters
New Zealand declared a drought across its entire North Island for the first time in at least 30 years on Friday, with low river levels in the capital Wellington also worrying officials.
19.02.2013 19:13 Finance
The state agreed with KazAgroFinance on reimbursement of costs to the Kazakhstan farms, including the expenses for food and care, as well as the salaries of the farms' employees.
11.02.2013 20:37 Emergencies
An epidemiological team has arrived in Akky region of North-Kazakhstan oblast with all the required equipment for extermination of cattle.
31.01.2013 11:55 Companies
A Dutch court will decide on Wednesday whether Shell should clean up oil damage that destroyed a group of Nigerian farmers' land, a case that could set a precedent for global environmental responsibility.
22.11.2012 10:23 Markets
As the EU braces for bruising budget talks, the bloc's three small Baltic states have stepped up their campaign to get what they say is their fair share of farm aid.
17.09.2012 13:13 Emergencies
Kazakhstan farmers have sent a letter to the government and President asking to declare the state of emergency in several regions of the country.
11.08.2012 10:00 Disasters
Weary farmers in the Philippines' farming heartland struggled amid their worst floods in decades on Friday, as the death toll from torrential rains that also pounded the capital rose to 60.
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