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Head of KazAtomProm told about nuclear reactor of his dream 22 мая 2012, 15:00

Vladimir Shkolnik told about prospects of development of nuclear energy in Kazakhstan.
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In reactor section of nuclear station. ©RIA Novosti In reactor section of nuclear station. ©RIA Novosti
Head of KazAtomProm Vladimir Shkolnik told about prospects of development of nuclear energy in Kazakhstan, Tengrinews.kz reports. In particular, Vladimir Shkolnik was speaking about the project of development of VBR-300 small and medium power reactor under an agreement signed between Russia and Kazakhstan. “In my view, this is currently the safest reactor in the world and maybe it will become even better later. And I think that this reactor is not 3+, but of a higher safety class. It is actually 4+. In my opinion the world’s nuclear power industry has to be based on this kind of reactors and not on the reactors chasing feasibility alone that have 15 thousand Megawatt active zones where heat potential is accumulated in case of an accident and this heat then has to be somehow removed using the residual energy that nuclear fuel keeps generating. But Instead, it (nuclear industry) has to be based on the reactors of this capacity (VBR-300) that are manufactured in safe conditions at a factory; like Lego blocks they are brought to the site and mounted into the ready frame and infrastructure. These reactors can cool off without the use of additional energy,” Vladimir Shkolnik said at the conference called Kazakhstan-USA: 20 Years of Partnership for Security and Development. “In the other words, should even the second Fukushima disaster happen to this reactor, should it even stay completely submerged after being hit by a wave, nothing would happen to the reactor. These are the reactors that I have been dreaming of for my entire life and now this project actually exists. If the world gets access to this energy industry, I think, we will really boost the civilization's development. The feasibility study of the project has been completed already; it has been approved by the authorities and transferred from military into civil jurisdiction by Russian governmental and presidential decrees. All permits have been obtained to use this reactor in our joint venture,” head of KazAtomProm Vladimir Shkolnik said. However, he pointed out that Kazakhstan is currently discussing whether to develop nuclear energy at all or not. The decision has not yet been made. By Renat Tashkinbayev

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