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08.08.2016 15:50 Industry, Infrastructure
Thousands of people took to the streets of a city in eastern China to protest against a possible Sino-French nuclear project.
05.08.2016 15:31 Industry, Infrastructure
Ukraine said Thursday it had reached an agreement with the US-based electric giant Westinghouse to build a nuclear fuel production unit.
15.06.2016 15:44 Military
China has banned exports to North Korea of a range of technologies that could be used to build weapons.
28.04.2016 17:44 Health
Belgium is to provide iodine pills to its entire population to protect it against radioactivity in case of a nuclear accident.
18.03.2016 17:15 Science, Technologies
Japan will return a huge cache of plutonium -- enough to produce 50 nuclear bombs -- to the United States.
09.03.2016 20:08 Gadgets
Iran fired two more long-range ballistic missiles on Wednesday as it continued military tests in defiance of US sanctions and fresh warnings from Washington.
23.02.2016 14:53 Health
French President Francois Hollande acknowledged that three decades of nuclear tests in French Polynesia had had "an impact" on health.
27.01.2016 15:23 Science, Technologies
China is planning to build a floating nuclear power station as it seeks to double its atomic capacity by 2020.
19.01.2016 14:13 Markets
Iran announced a major boost in oil production on Monday after the lifting of sanctions under its nuclear deal.
06.01.2016 21:47 Politics
Kazakhstan denounced North Korea’s test of hydrogen bomb and violation of UN Security Council’s nonproliferation resolutions.
06.01.2016 19:24 Military
North Korea said it had successfully tested a miniature hydrogen bomb. If confirmed, this would place it among a small group of countries with such dangerous weapons.
29.12.2015 19:52 Politics
Iran sent a major shipment of low-enriched uranium materials to Russia to implement nuclear accord with world powers.
25.12.2015 18:24 Politics
According to Senior Research Fellow at the Kazakhstani Institute of Strategic Studies Dauren Aben, Kazakhstan needs to increase security at its nuclear facilities to safeguard them from the ISIS.
09.12.2015 17:18 Industry, Infrastructure
Turkey insists it is not dependent on Russia to build its first nuclear power plant amid uncertainty over the $20 billion project.
12.11.2015 15:57 Military
The Kremlin admitted that Russian television had accidentally shown secret plans detailing a nuclear torpedo system in development.
27.10.2015 16:40 Politics
January 23,2015 reported that Kazakhstan had started talks with Toshiba, owner of Westinghouse, to construct its first nuclear power plant.
23.10.2015 15:55 Industry, Infrastructure
The actual need for a nuclear power plant will be felt around 2025 given the current power generation and consumption figures: Vice Minister of Energy Bakhytzhan Dzhaksaliyev.
19.10.2015 11:03 Politics
President Barack Obama ordered the US government to take steps towards lifting sanctions on Iran, in accordance with the historic nuclear deal struck between six world powers and Tehran.
15.10.2015 15:26 Politics
Iran's nuclear accord with world powers won final approval in the Islamic republic with a top panel of jurists and cleric giving the green light.
08.10.2015 16:55 Politics
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned Russia that Ankara has alternatives to Moscow for building its first nuclear power plant and importing gas, as tensions rise over the Russian bombing campaign in Syria.
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