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24.09.2013 10:01 Politics
Iran on Monday finally takes control of its civilian nuclear reactor at Bushehr on the Gulf coast.
18.07.2013 12:50 Companies
Steam has been spotted in a reactor building at the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan, its operator said Thursday, but stressed there is no sign yet of increased radiation.
08.07.2013 11:20 Industry, Infrastructure
Japanese utilities on Monday asked regulators for permission to turn on 10 nuclear reactors, a move that could presage a widespread restart of atomic power more than two years after the Fukushima disaster.
04.06.2013 15:27 Politics
North Korea may be just one or two months away from restarting a reactor to produce plutonium, potentially allowing the regime to ramp up its nuclear weapons program.
22.05.2013 16:44 Industry, Infrastructure
Japan's nuclear watchdog said Wednesday that one reactor was sitting directly above an active tectonic fault, effectively ruling out a restart forever.
02.05.2013 13:57 Science, Technologies
North Korea could be ready within weeks to start operating a light-water reactor that has triggered growing concern amid the regime's vows to build more nuclear weapons.
25.02.2013 10:26 Politics
Cuban President Raul Castro won re-election Sunday to what he pledged will be his last term, and finally unveiled a 52-year-old political heir to bring the regime into the future.
08.01.2013 12:18 Emergencies
A fire broke out at a nuclear research reactor in Sydney Tuesday, but authorities said the blaze was brought under control and there appeared to be no damage to the reactors.
01.01.2013 12:24 Industry, Infrastructure
Japan's new prime minister Shinzo Abe has voiced his willingness to build new nuclear reactors, reports said Monday, despite widespread public opposition to atomic energy in light of the Fukushima crisis.
03.12.2012 15:44 Military
US intelligence agencies have significantly stepped up spying operations on Iran's Bushehr nuclear reactor prompted by concerns about the security of weapons-grade plutonium there.
05.11.2012 11:18 Industry, Infrastructure
South Korea was forced to shut down two nuclear reactors Monday to replace components provided with fake quality certificates.
02.10.2012 17:54 Companies
Two South Korean 1,000-megawatt nuclear reactors were shut down Tuesday at separate plants, both as a result of unrelated systems malfunctions.
13.09.2012 09:56 Politics
Japan will abandon nuclear power within the next three decades under new government policy on the post-Fukushima energy mix.
11.09.2012 16:59 Industry, Infrastructure
A project to replace the fuel for low-enriched options is under way.
13.07.2012 18:16 Companies
US nuclear regulators published an update on California's troubled San Onofre power plant Thursday, sparking an expert warning that the problem is more serious than first thought.
09.07.2012 11:06 Industry, Infrastructure
A nuclear reactor in western Japan began full operations Monday, the first restart since the country shut down its atomic stations in the wake of last year's crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi plant.
22.05.2012 15:00 Industry, Infrastructure
Vladimir Shkolnik told about prospects of development of nuclear energy in Kazakhstan.
26.08.2011 19:27 Industry, Infrastructure
Indian and Kazakh governments are negotiating export of nuclear reactors.