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Cotton production spikes in South Kazakhstan 17 ноября 2013, 12:08

The production capacity of raw cotton has increased in South Kazakhstan Oblast.
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Cotton. Tengrinews.kz stock photo Cotton. Tengrinews.kz stock photo
Production of raw cotton has increased in South Kazakhstan Oblast this year, Express K newspaper reports. This year the region harvested 272 thousand tons of cotton - 8 thousand tons more than last year. The area under cotton was cut by 4.2 thousand hectares this year, but this did not stop the production from growing. An average yield made 2.7 tons of raw cotton from one hectare. It is one of the highest yields of the past decade in the region. The yield in Maktaaral region that is the source of 80 percent of all the cotton produced in Kazakhstan was even higher: 2.88 tons per hectare. “We have learned to use water-saving technologies. Just three years ago, the yield in the region was at 1.59 tons per hectare. This achievement is somethings we can be proud of,” Deputy Akim (Governor) of Maktaaral region Kanapiya Syzdykov said. Akim (Governor) of South Kazakhstan Oblast Aksar Myrzakhmetov believes this great harvest to be a result of the diligent work of the cotton growers and government's subsidies to the industry that are growing every year.

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