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21.04.2016 17:37 Military
US President Barack Obama met Gulf leaders in Saudi Arabia to push for increased efforts against the Islamic State group.
14.08.2015 20:01 Health
Teenage suicide remains a pressing problem in Kazakhstan that is not addressed with due seriousness.
31.05.2015 03:40 Politics
Kazakhstan will render a humanitarian aid amounting to $200.000 to Nepal that was recently hit by a powerful earthquake.
08.05.2015 22:30 Politics
Kazakhstan will allocate €1 million for the construction of the New Safe Confinement (NSC) intended to contain the nuclear reactor at Chernobyl, Ukraine.
10.01.2015 13:36 Politics
Humanitarian aid from Kazakhstan has arrived to Ukraine.
25.11.2014 10:30 Health
Apple on Monday teamed with the (RED) campaign founded by U2 singer Bono to raise money to fight AIDS.
25.10.2014 11:29 Politics
President Vladimir Putin acknowledged for the first time that Russia had helped Ukraine's former pro-Moscow leader Viktor Yanukovych flee his country.
21.10.2014 14:02 Finance
German Chancellor Angela Merkel called on Ukraine's allies to help the war-scarred nation pay off its gas debts to Russia.
18.10.2014 14:43 Health
Canada has promised to double its financial contribution to the United Nations' fight against Ebola in West Africa.
18.10.2014 11:59 Finance
Russian President Vladimir Putin called on Europe to help Kiev cover its gas debts with Moscow following talks with his Ukrainian counterpart.
08.10.2014 12:37 Politics
Serbia has received humanitarian aid from Kazakhstan.
10.09.2014 18:43 Emergencies
Anger mounted over the slow pace of rescue operations in Indian Kashmir.
03.09.2014 11:06 Finance
The International Monetary Fund warned that economically-devastated Ukraine may need an extra $19 billion (14.5 billion euros) in assistance
14.08.2014 12:43 Politics
An international plan is under way to rescue civilians trapped by Islamic State fighters on a mountain in northern Iraq.
12.08.2014 14:03 Politics
Russia said it would dispatch a humanitarian convoy to conflict-torn east Ukraine despite fierce warnings from the West.
07.08.2014 13:41 Politics
US President Barack Obama said Wednesday that the people of Gaza need greater hope for the future.
07.06.2014 13:22 People
Kazakhstani Asel Rysmendieva, 24, has been nominated for the annual Hermann Gmeiner award that was named after Austrian philanthropist and SOS Children’s village founder.
26.05.2014 20:26 Emergencies
Kazakhstan will render humanitarian aid to Serbia.
15.02.2014 10:24 Disasters
Britain's Princes William and Harry pitched in to help flood victims Friday as a new winter storm barrelled into the country, causing fresh misery after the wettest start to the year for 250 years.
16.01.2014 17:48 Health
The Grand Mufti has spoken up for organ donation in Kazakhstan.
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